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DHA Lahore Plot Files Rates Daily Update

DHA Lahore Phase 5 to Phase 13 daily rates updates with daily video updates. DHA Lahore Plots’ demands are high. Both buyers and investors desire to get their plots book in this appealing venture. So, these plots are available in own amount. DHA Lahore Daily files rates Updates are one of the important things you need to know before buying or selling your plot. This page is updated on daily basis to provide our valued customers with the latest plot prices in DHA Lahore.

DHA Lahore Plot Files Daily Rates Updates

 File TypeSizeRateUpdated 06-11-2023
DHA phase 6 CCA 3 Affidavit 4,5,8 145 Lac (per Marla)
DHA phase 6 CCA 3
Affidavit12 Marla 147 Lac (per Marla)
DHA phase 6 CCA 3 Affidavit32 Marla147 Lac (per Marla)
(M-Extension) ResidentialAllocation5 MarlaCall Us
DHA Phase 7 Allocation5 Marla39.25 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Affidavit5 Marla41.25 Lac
DHA Phase 7 NOC Ready7 Marla57 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Allocation10 Marla108 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Allocation1-Kanal181 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Affidavit1-Kanal188 Lac
DHA Phase 7 CommercialAffidavit4 Marla 235 Lac
DHA Phase 7 CommercialAllocation (SANGATPURA)4 Marla227 Lac
DHA Phase 8 (Park View) ResidentialAllocation1-KanalCall Us
Shev Pura Allocation1-Kanal Call Us
Moza (Malik Pura)Allocation4-Marla CommercialCall Us
Moza (Shev Pura)Allocation4-Marla CommercialCall Us
DHA Phase 9Allocation5 Marla55 Lac
DHA Phase 9Affidavit5 Marla58 Lac
DHA Phase 9Affidavit10 Marla140 Lac
DHA 9-TownAllocation4 Marla (C)231 Lac
DHA 9-TownAffidavit4 Marla (C)247 Lac
DHA Phase 9Allocation5 Marla47.50 Lac
DHA Phase 9Affidavit5 Marla50 Lac
DHA Phase 9Allocation10 Marla95 Lac
DHA Phase 9Affidavit10 Marla98 Lac
DHA Phase 9 ExtensionAllocation1 Kanal159 Lac
DHA Phase 9Affidavit1 Kanal164 Lac
DHA Phase 9 Allocation4 Marla247 Lac
DHA Phase 9 Affidavit4 Marla231 Lac
DHA Phase 9 ExtensionAllocation5 MarlaCall Us
DHA Phase 9Affidavit5 MarlaCall Us
DHA Phase 9 ExtensionAllocation1 KanalCall Us
DHA Phase 10 CommercialAffidavit4 Marla 172 Lac
DHA Phase 10 ResidentialAllocation5 Marla35 Lac
DHA Phase 10 ResidentialAffidavit5 Marla36.50 Lac
DHA Phase 10 ResidentialAffidavit8 Marla48 Lac
DHA Phase 10 ResidentialAllocation10 Marla59 Lac
DHA Phase 10 ResidentialAffidavit10 Marla61 Lac
DHA Phase 10 ResidentialAllocation1 Kanal198 Lac
DHA Phase 10 ResidentialAffidavit1 Kanal107 Lac
DHA Phase 10 ResidentialAffidavit2 Kanal255 Lac
DHA CITY (Phase 13)Allocation5 Marla26 lac
DHA CITY (Phase 13)Allocation10 Marla38.50 Lac
DHA CITY (Phase 13)Allocation1 Kanal73 Lac
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