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Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 S Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
S-9+101+1 Kanal Pair380 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S-1391 Kanal158 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S-2431 Kanal165 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S-4041 Kanal155 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S-7381 Kanal152 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S-8481 Kanal150 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S-8551 Kanal145 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S-10001 Kanal150 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S-10191 Kanal150 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S-10401 Kanal175 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
S3031 Kanal185 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
S931 Kanal135 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
S4011 Kanal165 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
S7261 Kanal165 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
S1036+1063/11+1 Kanal330 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
S7521 Kanal150 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
S9501 Kanal130 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
S9411 Kanal125 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044

Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 T Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
T-7961 Kanal176Aoun Naqvi +923224222044
T-11381 Kanal235Aoun Naqvi +923224222044
T-082 Kanal500 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-1671 Kanal164 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-6381 Kanal150 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-7891 Kanal180 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-9161 Kanal215 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-10151 Kanal250 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-10271 Kanal225 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-11431 Kanal240 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-13311 Kanal235 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-13481 Kanal210 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-15551 Kanal240 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-16441 Kanal240 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T-18441 Kanal230 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
T10511 Kanal230 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
T8651 Kanal200 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
T 13151 Kanal212 Aoun Naqvi +923224222044
T13491 Kanal208 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
T4651 Kanal185 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
T 6031 Kanal190 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
T 8/92 Kanal1050 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044

Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 U Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
U-331 Kanal198 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
U-501 Kanal208 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
U-1911 Kanal225 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
U-3641 Kanal265 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
U-4231 Kanal340 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
U-4841 Kanal195 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
U-4861 Kanal210 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
U-546/31 Kanal180 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
U-6311 Kanal190 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
U4331 Kanal235 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
U4711 Kanal200 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
U6361 Kanal200 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
U341 Kanal200 Aoun Naqvi +923224222044
U2171 Kanal223 Aoun Naqvi +923224222044
U3891 Kanal215 Aoun Naqvi +923224222044
U2691 Kanal285 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
U1001 Kanal200 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
U141 Kanal200 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
U711 Kanal200 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
U4321 Kanal215 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044

Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 V Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
V1184/12221+1 Kanal385 LacKhadim Hussain +923228400030
V-1211 Kanal215 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-2271 Kanal176 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-2711 Kanal174 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-3281 Kanal238 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-3331 Kanal190 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-6461 Kanal208 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-6731 Kanal215 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-7091 Kanal240 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-8291 Kanal260 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-12331 Kanal215 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-12671 Kanal250 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V-14591 Kanal160 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
V14041 Kanal215 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
V382&3831 Kanal460 LcsJamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
V6721 Kanal200 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
V801 Kanal180 Aoun Naqvi +923224222044
V759/7602 Kanal525 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V11731 Kanal165 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V7601 Kanal195 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V10901 Kanal165 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V10501 Kanal152 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V7211 Kanal210 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V5441 Kanal245 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V11801 Kanal180 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V1051 Kanal180 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V7501 Kanal237 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V1066/10672 Kanal340 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V10811 Kanal210 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V7631 Kanal175 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
V7891 Kanal176 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044

Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 W Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
W-533+5341+1 Kanal610 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W-202 Kanal750 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W-561 Kanal265 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W-1741 Kanal330 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W-3661 Kanal275 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W-4041 Kanal280 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W-4551 Kanal320 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W-7331 Kanal260 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W-7771 Kanal250 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W-8061 Kanal245 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
W1191 Kanal265 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
W5831 Kanal275 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
W4741 Kanal245 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
W4041 Kanal250 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
W4281 Kanal220 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
W6971 Kanal265 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
W 503/5042 Kanal575 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044

Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 X Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
X-896+8971+1 Kanal310 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-1200+12011+1 Kanal280 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-052 kanal490 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-6061 Kanal150 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-6281 Kanal140 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-6521 Kanal215 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-7001 Kanal160 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-9101 kanal155 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-10921 Kanal160 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-12041 Kanal135 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X-12391 Kanal160 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
X6531 Kanal220 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
X12661 Kanal175Aoun Naqvi +923224222044
X9261 Kanal170 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
X6421 Kanal150 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
X122 Kanal535 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
X12441 Kanal180 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
X2521 Kanal185 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
X1158/592 Kanal350 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
X5751 Kanal215 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
X1271 Kanal170 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
X 6361 Kanal135 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044
X10381 Kanal148 LacAoun Naqvi +923224222044

Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 Y Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
Y-7491 Kanal125 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
Y-7771 Kanal125 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
Y-7841 Kanal125 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
Y-5810 Marla85 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
Y-12510 Marla80 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
Y-13910 Marla85 Khadim Hussain +923228400030
Y10510 Marla85 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
Y6388 Marla80 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
Y12510 Marla78 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
Y375/410 Marla78 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
Y4725 Marla55 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
Y3675 Marla55 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062
Y4955 Marla46 Jamshed Chaudhry +923224222062

Commercial Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 CCA1 & CCA2

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
CCA1-1144Marla650Hassan Niaz+923214495511
CCA2-9610 Marla & 150Sq.ft1600Hassan Niaz+923214495511
CCA2-384 Marla625Hassan Niaz+923214495511
CCA2-1464 Marla650Hassan Niaz+923214495511
CCA1-60+614 Marla Pair1050Hassan Niaz+923214495511
CCA1-1284 Marla625Sarfraz Ahmed +923224222047
CCA1-614 Marla525Sarfraz Ahmed +923224222047
CCA1-204 Marla525Sarfraz Ahmed +923224222047
CCA1-428 Marla1450Sarfraz Ahmed +923224222047
CCA2-074 Marla550Sarfraz Ahmed +923224222047
CCA1-1614 Marla675Sarfraz Ahmed +923224222047

Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 Parkview

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call

Commercial Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase 8 Broadway

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
A108+1098 Marla Pair 2000 Hassan Niaz+923214495511
B138 Marla1600 Hassan Niaz+923214495511
B088 Marla1600 Hassan Niaz+923214495511
A153/28 Marla 800 Hassan Niaz+923214495511
A1038 Marla 835 Hassan Niaz+923214495511
C104+1058 Marla Pair1700 Hassan Niaz+923214495511
C1388 Marla800 Hassan Niaz+923214495511
A948 Marla925 Hassan Niaz+923214495511
C140/1108 Marla600Aoun Naqvi +923224222044