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Residential Plots For Sale In Prism A Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
A5701Kanal238LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
A10181Kanal220LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
A3471Kanal220LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
A3651Kanal210LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
A4101Kanal225LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
A4311Kanal210LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
A8471 Kanal 225 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
A3181 Kanal205LacsAli raza +923224222065
A265+2662 Kanal425LacsAli raza +923224222065
A9271 Kanal225 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
A681 Kanal210 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
A3191 Kanal215 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
A10321 Kanal215 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
A3651 Kanal210 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
A4161 Kanal225 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism B Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
B3261 Kanal175LacsMuhammad Fayaz +923224222064
B5991 Kanal175LacsMuhammad Fayaz +923224222064
B341 Kanal155LacsAli raza +923224222065
B9051 Kanal170LacsAli raza +923224222065
B1611 Kanal155LacsAli raza +923224222065
B3281 Kanal175LacsAli raza +923224222065
B3411 Kanal195 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism C Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
C11771 Kanal175LacsMuhammad Fayaz +923224222064
C13651Kanal175LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
C179510Marla110LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
C171410Marla115LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
C851 Kanal190LacsAli raza +923224222065
C4711 Kanal205LacsAli raza +923224222065
C2811 Kanal187LacsAli raza +923224222065
C13+141 Kanal490LacsAli raza +923224222065
C12121 Kanal165 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
C1841 Kanal200 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
C10931 Kanal135 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
C6891 Kanal188 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
C3061 Kanal190 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
C5711 Kanal220 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
C172210 Marla105 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism D Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
D582Kanal570LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D072Kanal540LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D4941 Kanal176 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
D1712Kanal500LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D6991Kanal175LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D4441Kanal165LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D1102 Kanal550LacsAli raza +923224222065
D432 Kanal515LacsAli raza +923224222065
D192 Kanal510LacsAli raza +923224222065
D11361 Kanal165LacsAli raza +923224222065
D1911 Kanal240LacsAli raza +923224222065
D5331 Kanal165 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
D7891 Kanal175 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
D11811 Kanal165 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
D9991 Kanal165 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
D3031 Kanal200 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
D13351 Kanal175 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
D032 Kanal540 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
D102 Kanal510 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
D408+092 Kanal395 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism E Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
E2031 Kanal 140 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
E3851Kanal185LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
E9851 Kanal125LacsAli raza +923224222065
E5371 Kanal185LacsAli raza +923224222065
E1461 Kanal125 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
E7301 Kanal140 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
E601 Kanal175 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
E4411 Kanal180 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
E4951 Kanal175 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism F Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
F127+128+1293Kanal630LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F128+1292Kanal420LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F1451Kanal198LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F931Kanal180LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F10221Kanal185LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F8361 Kanal190LacsAli raza +923224222065
F5821 Kanal195LacsAli raza +923224222065
F10881 Kanal185LacsAli raza +923224222065
F3061 Kanal190LacsAli raza +923224222065
F4741 Kanal160LacsAli raza +923224222065
F130810 Marla125LacsAli raza +923224222065
F2991 Kanal190LacsAli raza +923224222065
F921 Kanal185LacsAli raza +923224222065
F1468/111 Kanal155LacsAli raza +923224222065
F461 Kanal220 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F6601 Kanal215 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F10781 Kanal180 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F4001 Kanal210 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F2451 Kanal210 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F941 Kanal175 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F17211 Kanal190 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F15921 Kanal195 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F8471 Kanal200 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F135110 Marla105 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
F136610 Marla98 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism G Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
G6041Kanal150LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
G4791 Kanal175LacsAli raza +923224222065
G4011 Kanal175LacsAli raza +923224222065
G81 Kanal220LacsAli raza +923224222065
G6291 Kanal175LacsAli raza +923224222065
G1961 Kanal215 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
G2761 Kanal230 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
G6361 Kanal170 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
G2201 Kanal195 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
G481 Kanal220 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
G3681 Kanal205 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
G7991 Kanal175 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
G4281 Kanal185 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism H Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
H13671Kanal180LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
H3981Kanal142LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
H6181Kanal135LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
H1 Kanal185LacsAli raza +923224222065
H16161 Kanal133LacsAli raza +923224222065
H14251 Kanal160 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
H16351 Kanal138 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
H851 Kanal230 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
H10881 Kanal185 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
H11931 Kanal185 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
H6541 Kanal160 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
H8261 Kanal175 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
H1681 Kanal198 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism J Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
J9225Marla 52LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
J3545 Marla 60 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
J3175 Marla 60Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
J23915 Marla 42 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
J9475 Marla 48 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
J7385 Marla 52 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
J5175Marla56LacsAli raza +923224222065
J185310 Marla105LacsAli raza +923224222065
J22710 Marla105LacsAli raza +923224222065
J705 Marla52 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
J4985 Marla56 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
J226010 marla92 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
J185310 Marla105 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
J181010 Marla110 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
J7805 Marla52 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
J4885 Marla52 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism K Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
K6601 Kanal205 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
K4481Kanal165LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
K5191Kanal160LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
k173010 Marla115LacsAli raza +923224222065
k19535Marla58lacsAli raza +923224222065
k13305Marla60LacsAli raza +923224222065
k20325Marla56LacsAli raza +923224222065
K051 Kanal205 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
K14805 marla65 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
K5161 Kanal160 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
K22785 marla53 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
K171710 marla118 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
K4661 Kanal145 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
L9281 Kanal165LacsMuhammad Fayaz +923224222064
L10610 Marla115LacsAli raza +923224222065
L6271 Kanal145 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
L2261 Kanal160 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
L4351 Kanal182 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
L8071 Kanal158 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
L112610 Marla 130 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
L120810 Marla 115 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism M Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
M250+2512Kanal430LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
M9651 Kanal175 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
M9991Kanal170LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
M9341Kanal160LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
M7911Kanal170LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
M841 Kanal200LacsAli raza +923224222065
M6611 Kanal130LacsAli raza +923224222065
M735+362 Kanal310LacsAli raza +923224222065
M4931 Kanal190 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
M10701 Kanal170 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
M3011 Kanal175 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
M2281 Kanal175 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
M8341 Kanal168 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism N Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
N5041 Kanal185 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
N7451Kanal170LacsMuhammad Fayaz +923224222064
N2361Kanal150LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
N711 Kanal140LacsAli raza +923224222065
N9951 Kanal165 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
N4931 Kanal180 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
N11851 Kanal125 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism P Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
P4511Kanal175LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
P641 Kanal220LacsAli raza +923224222065
P6301 Kanal170 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
P3491 Kanal185 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
P9361 Kanal180 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
P11181 Kanal200 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
P2011 Kanal235 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
P10471 Kanal180 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism Q Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
Q8031 Kanal225 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
Q7951Kanal250LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q99810Marla138LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q98910Marla150LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q4101Kanal245LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q8781Kanal232LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q7121Kanal232LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q4591 Kanal200LacsAli raza +923224222065
Q8031 Kanal220 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism R Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
R34055 Marla 70 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
R22575 Marla 72 Lacs Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
R391Kanal180LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
R8805Marla 65LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
R14485Marla60LacsAli raza +923224222065
R7355 Marla60 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
R9825 Marla62 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
R1521 Kanal180 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
R28010 Marla125 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
R3815 Marla60 LacsWaseem Asif +923224222046
Zone1-548Marla1300LacsAbsar Hussain +923024222061
Zone1-598Marla1200LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Zone1-128Marla1450LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Zone1-1918Marla900LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Zone1-788Marla925LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Zone2-988Marla 750LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
oval-1284 Marla425LacsAli raza +923224222065
oval-1074 Marla425LacsAli raza +923224222065
oval-2804 Marla500LacsAli raza +923224222065
Zone2-1784 Marla450LacsAli raza +923224222065
*****All Residential Plots Prices Of DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism are with due development charges included. DHA allow transfer with updated development charges. Buyers will pay remaning development charges in future On installments*****