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Residential Plots For Sale In Prism A Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
A5981 Kanal135 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
A4931 Kanal120Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
A5041 Kanal142Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
A2151 KANAL106 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
A2881 KANAL122 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
A7041 KANAL132 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
A5771 KANAL142 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
A9231 KANAL120 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
A901 Kanal105 Waseem Asif +923224222046
A6471 Kanal138 Waseem Asif +923224222046
A10511 Kanal113Waseem Asif +923224222046
A3351 Kanal115Waseem Asif +923224222046
A2161 Kanal116 Waseem Asif +923224222046
A10211 Kanal125Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism B Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
B4441 Kanal 95Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
B6111 Kanal98 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
B9221 KANAL105 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
B8241 KANAL105 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
B971 KANAL105 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
B9381 Kanal100 Waseem Asif +923224222046
B1971 Kanal105Waseem Asif +923224222046
B9511 Kanal 98 Waseem Asif +923224222046
B5501 Kanal 108 Waseem Asif +923224222046
B7951 Kanal112 Waseem Asif +923224222046
B4451 Kanal 90 Ali Raza +923224222065

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism C Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
C421 Kanal155 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
C174610 Marla68 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
C3481 KANAL128 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
C 1841Kanal122Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
C4451 Kanal 115Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
C166510 Marla85Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
C5041 Kanal 103 Ali Raza +923224222065
C9251 Kanal105 Waseem Asif +923224222046
C10641 Kanal83Waseem Asif +923224222046
C4851 Kanal114Waseem Asif +923224222046
C1261 Kanal117Waseem Asif +923224222046
C6701 Kanal120 Waseem Asif +923224222046
C13061 Kanal 98 Ali Raza +923224222065
C7471 Kanal 100 Lacs NegotiableAsad Khan +923214009967
C177010 Marla68Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism D Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
D1652 Kanal325Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D142 Kanal350 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D182 Kanal350 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D1742 Kanal335 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D147&D1484 Kanal750 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
D6201 KANAL105 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
D7891 Kanal105 Waseem Asif +923224222046
D1032 Kanal365 Waseem Asif +923224222046
D10001 Kanal80 Waseem Asif +923224222046
D13161 Kanal88 Waseem Asif +923224222046
D2701 Kanal105Waseem Asif +923224222046
D7391 Kanal112Waseem Asif +923224222046
D672 Kanal 425 Ali Raza +923224222065
D1262 Kanal 425 Ali Raza +923224222065
D6431 Kanal 115 Ali Raza +923224222065
D11032 Kanal03214009967Asad Khan +923214009967

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism E Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
E10621 Kanal 73Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
E4931 KANAL105 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
E3381 Kanal108Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
E1931 Kanal92 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
E9671 Kanal82 Waseem Asif +923224222046
E3551 Kanal110 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
E4031 Kanal100Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism F Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
F8201 Kanal125 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F6301 Kanal107 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F18251 Kanal125 Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
F10061 Kanal95Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
F131410 Marla78 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F1721 Kanal 125 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F2061 Kanal102 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
F127110 marla 75 Ali Raza +923224222065
F6351 Kanal105 Waseem Asif +923224222046
F8181 Kanal108Waseem Asif +923224222046
F12151 Kanal110Waseem Asif +923224222046
F7351 Kanal125 Waseem Asif +923224222046
F3371 Kanal114 Waseem Asif +923224222046
F731 Kanal105 Waseem Asif +923224222046
F9511 Kanal110Waseem Asif +923224222046
F7281 Kanal118 Waseem Asif +923224222046
F8661 kanal 110 Waseem Asif +923224222046
F4541 Kanal105Waseem Asif +923224222046
F16581 Kanal85Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
F17451 Kanal105Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
F17551Kanal100Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism G Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
G7321 Kanal 88 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
G2231 Kanal 95 Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
G3101 Kanal 95 Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
G2711 Kanal110 Waseem Asif +923224222046
G3131 Kanal110 Waseem Asif +923224222046
G8131 Kanal98 Waseem Asif +923224222046
G5101 KANAL107 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
G4531 KANAL112 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
G4151 Kanal128 Adnan Hussain +923028409967
G781 Kanal 125 Ali Raza +923224222065
G4361 Kanal 107 Ali Raza +923224222065
G3691 Kanal 122 Ali Raza +923224222065

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism H Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
H341 Kanal 112 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
H9881 Kanal 108 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
H16131Kanal75 Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
H15851 Kanal 105Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
H7021 Kanal 115 Ali Raza +923224222065
H711 Kanal 125 Ali Raza +923224222065
H9811 Kanal 108 Ali Raza +923224222065
H8681 Kanal108Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
H8361 Kanal130 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
H2871 Kanal124 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
H2541 Kanal120 Waseem Asif +923224222046
H2321 Kanal120 Waseem Asif +923224222046
H12241 Kanal105 Waseem Asif +923224222046
H12111 Kanal105 Waseem Asif +923224222046
H12921 Kanal115Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism J Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
J20515 Marla36Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
J675Marla39Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
J3335Marla40Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
J316010Marla62Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
J105010Marla64Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
J4665 Marla 40Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
J11165 marla37 Waseem Asif +923224222046
J2725 marla42 Waseem Asif +923224222046
J4655 marla40 Waseem Asif +923224222046
J23975 marla35 Waseem Asif +923224222046
J16605 marla38 Waseem Asif +923224222046
J9925 marla37 Waseem Asif +923224222046
J19585 marla38 Waseem Asif +923224222046
J12385 Marla36 Asad Khan +923214009967

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism K Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
K12510 Marla52 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
K241410 Marla67Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
K15185 Marla46Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
K9505 Marla52Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
K20875 Marla42Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
K6701 Kanal105 Waseem Asif +923224222046
K26810 marla68 Waseem Asif +923224222046
K15625 marla48 Waseem Asif +923224222046
K9785 Marla 48 Waseem Asif +923224222046
K19055 Marla 50 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
K21475 Marla50 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
K81 Kanal120 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
K3131 KANAL90 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
K19005 Marla 50 Asad Khan +923214009967

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism L Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
L6961 KANAL92 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
L6281 Kanal86 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
L801 Kanal 105Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
L4961 Kanal85Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
H1281 Kanal100 Waseem Asif +923224222046
L140010 Marla68 Waseem Asif +923224222046
L9071 Kanal90 Waseem Asif +923224222046
L9231 Kanal90 Yasir Hanif +923224222063
L155810 Marla 53Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
L8151 Kanal88 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
L157910 Marla52 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
L159210 Marla60 Ali Raza +923224222065

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism M Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
M5001 Kanal90Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
M3111 Kanal88Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
M241 Kanal 116 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
M3111 Kanal88Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
M4051 Kanal110 Waseem Asif +923224222046
M5081 Kanal108 Waseem Asif +923224222046
M7481 Kanal82Yasir Hanif +923224222063
M12631 Kanal82Waseem Asif +923224222046
M10551 Kanal95 Waseem Asif +923224222046
M151 KANAL115 Ali Raza +923224222065

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism N Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
N9981 Kanal100 Waseem Asif +923224222046
N9491 Kanal100 Waseem Asif +923224222046
N9751 Kanal100 Waseem Asif +923224222046
N2301 Kanal85 Waseem Asif +923224222046
N51 Kanal80 Waseem Asif +923224222046
N12651 KANAL95 Ali Raza +923224222065
N 4651 KANAL100Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
N1351 Kanal115Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
N4031 Kanal105 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
N11051 KANAL75 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
N1081 KANAL85 Salman Maqsood +923224009967

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism P Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
P1811 Kanal145 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
P251 Kanal97 Waseem Asif +923224222046
P9681 Kanal88 Waseem Asif +923224222046
P11231 Kanal 130 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
P201 KANAL107 Ali Raza +923224222065
P10941 Kanal100Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
P9691 Kanal95 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
P7261 Kanal78 Salman Maqsood +923224009967

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism Q Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
Q821 Kanal116LacsMuhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q7661 Kanal145 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q8731 Kanal128Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
Q6781 Kanal120Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q6921 Kanal125Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q721 Kanal105Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
Q7151 KANAL122 Ali Raza +923224222065
Q2841 Kanal96 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
Q4651 kanal102 Waseem Asif +923224222046
Q3421 kanal95 Waseem Asif +923224222046
Q5331 kanal110 Waseem Asif +923224222046

Residential Plots For Sale In Prism R Block

Plot (Near)Plot (Size)PriceAssociate To Call
R24265Marla52 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
R21765Marla45Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
R8405Marla42 Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
R26005 Marla44 Waseem Asif +923224222046
R28155 Marla43 Waseem Asif +923224222046
R15015 Marla43 Waseem Asif +923224222046
R29010 marla83 Waseem Asif +923224222046
R2030 5 Marla 39Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
R5495 Marla 36Muhammad Fayaz +923224222064
R3705Marla39Muhammad Muneeb +923224222045
R651- Kanal92 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
R23405 Marla49 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
R20875 Marla43 Salman Maqsood +923224009967
R8935 Marla40 Asad Khan +923214009967
Zone1-1978 Marla725Hassan Niaz +923214495511
Zone1-718 Marla725Hassan Niaz +923214495511
Zone2-778 Marla700Hassan Niaz +923214495511
Zone1-2044Marla400Hassan Niaz +923214495511
OvalComlex1754 Marla450Hassan Niaz +923214495511
OvalComplex-2184 Marla450Hassan Niaz +923214495511
OvalComplex1124 Marla425Hassan Niaz +923214495511
OvalComplex1254 Marla425Hassan Niaz +923214495511
Zone2-308 Marla700Hassan Niaz +923214495511
Zone2-1874 Marla475Hassan Niaz +923214495511
Zone3-2174 Marla275Hassan Niaz +923214495511
Zone3-1904 Marla350Hassan Niaz +923214495511
Zone1-1708 Marla700Asad Khan +923214009967
*****All Residential Plots Prices Of DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism are with due development charges included. DHA allow transfer with updated development charges. Buyers will pay remaning development charges in future On installments*****
E53+54+5512 Marla1270Salman Maqsood +923224009967