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Bahria Paradise Karachi Plots Location & Investment Potential – Map Explained

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  • March 1, 2018
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Bahria Paradise Karachi is the biggest project of Bahria Town Karachi and most investor friendly project in Bahria Karachi as well. Development is going on at rapid pace in Bahria Paradise Karachi. In this video, our Sales team lead in Bahria Karachi explains the true potential of Bahria Paradise Karachi plots with the help of map. All the entry points, division of precincts and landmarks of Bahria Karachi are explained in this videos.



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Bahria Paradise – 250 Sq Yards Plots and Development Status

Bahria Paradise is the most exclusive project of Bahria Town Karachi which was launched in March 2017. 250 sq yards residential plots are available here at own with plot numbers have been allotted after balloting. Having a prime location alongside main entrance of Bahria Paradise, these 250 sq yards plots are in the surrounding of Central Park and Botanical Garden. In Precinct 47, these plots are almost on ground as development is about to finish there, whereas development work has just started in Precincts 46, 48 and 49. So far three installments have been submitted.

Bahria Paradise Development Status February 2018 Update

Bahria Paradise Development is being completed at satisfactory pace by Bahria Town Private Limited. Road network is already finished in Precinct 47, 48 and 49 of Bahria Paradise Karachi. Bahria Paradise Villas Development is also progressing according to the set timeline.

Bahria Paradise Karachi

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Bahria Paradise Karachi – 250 sq yards Plots

Bahria Paradise Karachi is one of the preferred destinations of buyers for 250 sq yards plots. Bahria Town Karachi had launched plots in the mentioned size at Rs. 59.25 lacs. It is available at own or at same price in some areas depending upon location and precincts. The prices are most economical in Precinct 52 of Bahria Paradise Karachi for this specific category of plots and its buying time here. There are 250 sq yards plots in Precinct 47 as well where development work is undertaking rapidly. Streets have been developed whereas street lights and electrification has been done so far.

Bahria Paradise Karachi – 500 Sq Yards & 1000 Sq yards Plots worth Investing

Bahria Paradise Karachi is located near Grand Jamia Masjid and will feature two main attractions of Bahria Town Karachi. Both these landmarks Taj Mahal and Central Park are under development like another area of the project. The bigger plots of 500 sq yards and 1000 sq yards in Bahria Paradise are recommended to buy now which are available at low cost. Once development gets completed here, these plots will be in a position to compare with Bahria Golf City plots of 1000 sq yards. Buy those plots which are near to the built properties (Bahria Paradise Villas) to get more profit after few years.

Bahria Paradise Karachi – Best for Buying 250 Sq Yards Plots

Bahria Paradise was launched some six months ago and offered 250, 500 and 1000 sq yards the plots here on installments. It is right opposite to Grand Jamia Mosque and at a few minutes’ drive from the main entrance of Bahria Town Karachi. 250 sq yards plots were launched at Rs. 59.25 Lacs on 4-year installment program which are comparatively a better option than Precinct 6, 8 and 16 where this cutting is available in Rs. 60-70 Lacs. The attractions of this project include Central Park, Taj Mahal, Carnival Restaurant and Dancing Fountain (new). Precinct 46, 47, 48 and 49 are best option for buying 250 sq yards plots in Bahria Paradise Karachi.

Bahria Paradise Karachi – Latest Update December 2017

View the Latest Updates received from Bahria Paradise Karachi December 2017. The Current Status with Investment Opportunities promise high ROI. Don’t Forget to Subscribe.

Bahria Paradise Karachi – Central Park Inspired by Iconic Park in New York

Bahria Paradise Karachi is the most exclusive and luxurious project of Bahria Town Karachi. It is designed on the lines of Central Park New York. A Replica of Taj Mahal will be located in Bahria Paradise. Balloting has been completed and development work is being carried out at rapid speed right now in Bahria Paradise. Contact Universal Property Network if you also want to live next to this lush green park

Bahria Paradise Karachi – Development Status Update From Universal Property Network

Development work has commenced in Bahria Paradise Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi management is rapidly completing work on different development projects. Bahria Paradise Karachi will not only have developed residential plots but it will also consist of Bahria Paradise Villas.

Bahria Paradise Karachi – Most Exclusive Lifestyle in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Paradise Karachi is the largest project within Bahria Town Karachi. Huge investor interest has been shown in different precincts of Bahria Paradise and ever since the balloting process was completed, demand of plots has jumped up in this project. Contact Universal Property Network, if you also want to benefit from huge investor appeal of the project.

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