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Futuristic Investment in 125 Sq Yards Plots Bahria Town Karachi – Buy Now!

Futuristic Investment in 125 Sq Yards Plots Bahria Town Karachi – Buy Now!

Are you planning to buy 125 sq yards plots in Karachi? Searching for the perfect plots that you can buy for residence and investment? Then, do consider buying in 125 sq yards plots Bahria Town Karachi.

Undoubtedly, this mega housing society, Bahria Town Karachi, is full of options, offering the best 125 sq yards plots. This entire project is divided into several precincts where a large number of precincts are featuring 125 sq yards of residential plots. But still, these numbers are not enough to meet the increasing demands. There are more buyers in the market than sellers. That’s why the prices are also increasing.

So, what to do to make a futuristic investment? The answer is “Invest Quickly”. Learn more:

Ideal Precincts to Buy 125 Sq Yards Plots Bahria Town Karachi

Every precinct in Bahria Town Karachi is thoughtfully designed to make it suitable for modern buyers and investors. However, some specific precincts hold significant importance because of their:


Ideal Location

Good Construction Status

Increasing Population

These ideal precincts to buy 125 sq yards plots are Precinct 12, Precinct 14, Precinct 15, and Precinct 27. Prices of plots in these precincts are already high. For example, the launching price of 125 sq yards plots Bahria Town Karachi was 17.90 lacs. Currently, a good location plot in any of these precincts will cost you between 60 lacs to 75 lacs.

Buying in these plots is only beneficial for residence and construction purposes.

Precincts with Affordable 125 Sq Yards Plots Bahria Town Karachi

As we have shared the details of ideal precincts and their plots, we would also like to update you with the best precincts with affordable plots. These good precincts with 125 sq yards plots are Precinct 31, Precinct 35, Precinct 23, Precinct 24, Precinct 26A and Precinct 25A.

The prices of plots in these precincts are also increasing rapidly. Of course, there is a big difference in the plot’s prices if noticed from the last 6 – 10 months. But still, buying in these plots is beneficial in all terms.

Why this is the Right Time to Invest in 125 Sq Yards Plots?

The time has come; it’s the right time to make a futuristic investment. Yes, the time is near when you will not find a 125 sq yards plot less than 50 lacs. Maybe in the next 6 – 8 months, you cannot buy any plot of 125 sq yards in 40 – 50 lacs. But why? Because of the increasing construction, population and demands of the property.

Furthermore, Bahria Town is not launching any new deal of 125 sq yards soon. So, those who are still waiting to invest in 125 sq yards plot Bahria Town Karachi can change their lives with smart, profitable, but timely investment!

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