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Gulberg Executive Multan | Location Map | Payment Plan 2023

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  • April 19, 2023
  • Multan
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Gulberg Executive Multan | Location Map | Payment Plan 2023


Gulberg Executive Multan is a high-end project in Multan. It is a modern development with eye-catching features and attractions. It has been fully approved by the relevant authorities and is located in a prime location in Multan. This housing society is intended to provide a peaceful lifestyle and offers residential plots at reasonable prices. The development work in this housing society is under construction. Gulberg Executive Housing Scheme Multan is well-planned in order to give residents a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle. It has all of the facilities needed for a better life, such as educational institutes, hospitals, shopping malls, and sports facilities. This community provides lush green areas, low-cost plots with simple payment plans, and modern amenities. Furthermore, the investment potential in this project is high due to the ideal location and innovative development.

In this blog, we will discuss the details of Gulberg Executive Multan. We will go over the location, NOC approval, master plan, available properties, new payment plan, features, development, and investment benefits of the Gulberg Executive Housing Scheme in Multan.

Gulberg Executive Multan Developer

Gulberg Executive Multan is a premium housing project that is developed by Faisal Asghar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Sardar Ali Asghar Gurmani owns this company and has extensive experience in real estate and construction. These are the top developers in the history of the real estate market. These developers are the best since they produce projects on time and according to their promises. The developers are working hard to complete the Gulberg Executive Housing Scheme Multan. These developers are contributing to the expansion of the property sector in Pakistan with their exceptional work. These developers function with:

  • Dedication
  • Transparency
  • Dependability
  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Hard effort

The construction of this project is the responsibility of SARCO (Sheikh Abdur Razzaq & Company) Pvt. Ltd. This company is suitable for the construction of homes, buildings, plazas, and other structures. The developer of Gulberg Executive Multan has developed two similar projects in other Punjab cities. The following projects have been named:

  • Gulberg Executive in Rahim Yar Khan
  • Gulberg Executive in Dera Ghazi Khan

Gulberg Executive Multan NOC Approval

Gulberg Executive is a Multan-based legal housing society. MDA (Multan Development Authority) and other relevant authorities have given their approval to this project. Additionally, this housing project is planned in accordance with legal laws and regulations. Furthermore, the master plan of Gulberg Executive was also approved at the same time. Gulberg Executive Multan is a legal housing society. Its recognized status assures investors that they are making safe investments with guaranteed profits. As a result, the buyer can easily purchase property in this project without worrying about illegal issues.

Gulberg Executive Multan Master Plan

This housing project aims to be one of the best residential communities in Multan. It provides the residents with the attractions of residential properties. The expert and professional designers have developed the master plan for Gulberg Executive Multan. Additionally, the designers and engineers carefully planned it according to the modern era and technologies. The overall master plan of this community is built by the top planners while keeping the needs of buyers and investors in mind. Gulberg Executive Housing Scheme Multan covers a large area of land. Furthermore, this housing society will be divided into many blocks that contain all the necessities of life. It offers both residential and commercial properties for residents and investment purposes. This project has been designed to establish health, educational, recreational, and commercial amenities.

These amenities are not only available inside the society, but the surroundings are also beneficial. This prime location for Gulberg Executive Multan is increasing the value of its master plan and properties. This high-end project is built with a wide road network. The street roads are 30 feet wide, the entry roads are 60 feet wide, and the main boulevard is 100 ft. wide. Moreover, there are numerous small and large parks where families can spend time and children can play. These parks, playgrounds, and charming scenery provide residents with a lot of entertainment and pleasure. Gulberg Executive has every amenity possible, making it an excellent choice for residence and investment in Multan.

Gulberg Executive Multan Location Map

The location of any project has the greatest impact on its worth. Gulberg Executive is located in a prime location in Multan. It is situated near the Southern Bypass, near the Multan Medical & Dental College. This project is also about 2-3 kilometers from Ibn-e-Sina Hospital in Multan. It is also close to the Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Technology in Multan. Piran Ghaib is also three kilometers from Gulberg Executive Multan.

Gulberg Executive Multan Map Location

This project is great because it is close to dining establishments, commercial facilities, health care facilities, and educational institutions. There is a calm environment surrounding it, with lush green spaces and plenty of amazing scenery. All of these factors combine to make this place ideal for both living and investing.

The following are some of the key points of access:

  • 4 minutes from the Naubahar Canal
  • 5 minutes from Vihari Chowk
  • 10 minutes from the M3 Motorway
  • 15 minutes from the M5 Motorway
  • 14 minutes from Multan International Cricket Stadium
  • 20 minutes from the New District Court Complex, Multan
  • 30 minutes from Multan International Airport.

Gulberg Executive Multan is near the following developments:

  • Wapda Town
  • Shah Rukn-e-Alam Town
  • DHA Multan
  • Citi Housing Multan
  • MDA Officers’ Colony
  • Sardar City Colony Housing Scheme
  • Gulshan-e-Qadir Housing Society
  • Gulistan Housing Society
  • Relax City Housing Society
  • Adams Housing Multan
  • Farrukh Town

The Gulberg Executive Multan map shows some hospitals near its residents, which are:

  • Ibn-e-Sina Hospital, Multan
  • Mukhtar A. Sheikh Memorial Hospital

This project includes some of the greatest educational institutes in its surroundings, including:

  • PIET (Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology)
  • Multan Medical & Dental College
  • Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental College
  • NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology

Additionally, some major roads that connect to Gulberg Executive Multan are as follows:

  • Naubahar Canal Road
  • Piran Ghaib Road
  • Khanewal Road
  • Tatay Pur Road
  • Vehari Road
  • NLC Bypass
  • Green Road
  • Lahore Road
  • Jinnah Chownk

Gulberg Executive Multan Plots

Gulberg Executive is a high-end housing society in Multan. It is beautifully separated into two blocks, which are

  • General Block
  • Executive Block

Gulberg Executive Multan offers a variety of residential and commercial properties. This society would provide the best residence in Multan with modern pleasures of living. The developer in this society offers residential and commercial plots with installment payments. The following plot sizes are available in Gulberg Executive Housing Scheme Multan:

  • 5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Gulberg Executive Multan Payment Plan

Gulberg Executive Multan Payment Plan

This great housing society offers a new, simple payment plan with installments. The buyer will have to pay a small down payment for the booking. The payment plan for this housing society contains the following advantages:

  • The balloting will be done every year until the payment plan is completed.
  • The buyer will receive quick possession before the payment plan is completed.
  • Development charges are included in the payment plan.

Balloting Yearly

This project has confirmed that balloting will take place each year. When you want your plot number, you can apply for balloting at any time in these five years.

Quick Possession

The second advantage of investing is “quick possession”. If a person desires immediate ownership, he can apply for balloting in the first year and receive his plot number. The buyer can pay the possession amount and take possession of the plot after getting the plot number. The client won’t have to wait long to get possession of their property.

Development Charges Included

Another appealing feature of Gulberg Executive Multan is that this new payment plan includes development charges. All residential prices that are shown in the payment plan include development charges. The buyer will not have to pay any additional, hidden, or extra charges later.

Gulberg Executive Plot prices are reasonable and affordable for clients and investors. The following are the prices of various residential plots:

No Advance No Down Payment – Only 1st Installment

Whenever it comes to buying plots on installments, the payment plan features some down payment or booking amount. But the payment schedule of Gulberg Executive Multan is completely different from others. There is No Down Payment/Advance Amount required to book a plot in Gulberg Executive Housing Scheme Multan. Booking starts with 1st Installment. For example, the monthly installment of a 3.5 Marla residential plot is 7,000/- only. You can be an owner of your 3.5 Marla plot by paying the first monthly installment. The remaining amount will be payable in 5 years flexible plan. Undoubtedly, this project provides the chance to live your dream lifestyle and get your desired plot without going out of budget.

Plots Prices are Divided into Three Categories

On analyzing the payment plan of Gulberg Executive Multan, we came to know that the prices are divided into three categories. It will be payable in monthly installments, at balloting, and on possession. For example, The total amount of 3.5 Marla plots is 12.60 lacs. Its 4.20 lacs will be payable in 60 monthly installments, the next 4.20 lacs at balloting, and the last 4.20 lacs at the time of possession. Similarly, the total amount of 5 Marla residential plots is 18 lacs. Its 6 lacs will be payable in 60 monthly installments. 6 lacs at the time of balloting and the last 6 lacs on possession. The same rule is applied for the remaining plot sizes i.e., 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

3.5 Marla Plots

The total price of the 3.5 Marla plot is 12.60 lacs. Booking starts with 1st monthly installment of 7,000/-. There are total of 60 monthly installments in the payment plan. Moreover, the balloting amount of the plot is 4.20 lacs. The amount payable at the time of possession is 4.20 lacs. It’s a 5 years easy payment plan.

5 Marla Plots

The total price of the 5 Marla plot is 18 lacs. Booking starts with 1st monthly installment of 10,000/-. There are total of 60 monthly installments in the payment plan. Moreover, the balloting amount of the plot is 6 lacs. The amount payable at the time of possession is 6 lacs. It’s a 5 years easy payment plan.

7 Marla Plots

The total price of the 7 Marla plot is 25.20 lacs. Booking starts with 1st monthly installment of 14,000/-. There are total of 60 monthly installments in the payment plan. Moreover, the balloting amount of the plot is 8.40 lacs. The amount payable at the time of possession is 8.40 lacs. It’s a 5 years easy payment plan.

10 Marla Plots

These plots of 10 Marla in Gulberg Executive are available at a reasonable price of 36 lacs. Booking starts from 20,000/-, the first monthly installment. There is a total of 60 monthly installments in the payment plan. Moreover, the balloting amount of the plot is 12 lacs. The amount payable at the time of possession is 12 lacs. Its payment plan spans over 5 years.

1 Kanal Plots

These plots of 1 Kanal in Gulberg Executive are available at a reasonable price of 72 lacs. Booking starts from 40,000/-, the first monthly installment. There is a total of 60 monthly installments in the payment plan. Moreover, the balloting amount of the plot is 24 lacs. The amount payable at the time of possession is 24 lacs. Its payment plan spans over 5 years.

Features and Amenities

Gulberg Executive Multan is a modern housing community with a variety of luxuries for its residents. This project is also beneficial for investors who want to invest in a luxurious housing project. This housing society has world-class features and amenities. Gulberg Executive Housing Scheme Multan offers the following amenities:

  • 24-hour security system
  • Gated community
  • Secure with boundary walls
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • High development and infrastructure
  • Underground electricity
  • Hospital and educational facilities
  • Egyptian mosque
  • Commercial area and shopping mall
  • Mini parks and playgrounds
  • Green golf course
  • Gymnasium and sports complex
  • Event halls and community center
  • Food court and restaurants
  • Graveyard

Security System

Gulberg Executive Multan is a gated community with strong boundary walls. Gulberg Executive has the best security, and it provides a secure living environment. There are also CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of people.

High Development and Infrastructure

This housing society is well-planned and has modern infrastructure. Gulberg Executive Multan has advanced developments that fully meet international development and style.

Wide Carpeted Roads

For the convenience of its residents, the Gulberg Executive Multan is being developed with wide carpeted roads. These wide carpeted roads are made of high-quality materials. In this project, the main street and boulevard are designed in a range of sizes, including:

  • Main Boulevard is 100 ft. wide
  • Main roads are 60 ft. wide
  • Streets roads are 30 ft. wide

Educational Facilities

Gulberg Executive Multan has an education system that meets international standards. There are numerous educational institutions where your children will receive an excellent education. The majority of these institutes will be established within society, and many will be established in the surroundings.

Healthcare Facilities

Providing complete health facilities is one of the most important components in making a project the ideal choice for buyers and investors. Gulberg Executive Multan has healthcare facilities that meet world standards. There are numerous valued hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies where people can receive medical care. The healthcare facilities are well-planned in this housing community. They provide the best services of experienced, professional, and highly qualified doctors. These doctors and medical staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sports Facilities

Gulberg Executive Multan certainly provides an enjoyable and environmentally friendly atmosphere by establishing sports areas within. There will be all of the necessary sports and games facilities, such as:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Badminton
  • Indoor activities

Basic Facilities

Gulberg Executive Multan is making rapid progress with basic facilities such as:

  • Underground electrical system
  • Sui Gas in all homes
  • Clean water supply to all residents
  • Best sewerage and drained system

Additionally, the availability of these facilities 24 hours a day makes this area suitable for comfortable living.

Stunning Parks and Surroundings

Another unique feature that defines this culture is the beautiful layout of green spaces. These developments are necessary for the creation of a natural atmosphere. There are a lot of parks and children’s play areas where you can spend time with your friends and family.

Shopping Malls and Grocery Stores

In addition to all of the other attractions and services, Gulberg Executive Multan is expanding the number of excellent dining establishments and malls. There are grocery stores that are the finest places to buy daily necessities. Furthermore, the best shopping centers will soon be operational and allow the purchase of all types of basic items.

Gulberg Executive Multan Development

Gulberg Executive is the greatest housing society in Multan due to its high development and infrastructure. The development of Gulberg Executive Multan is progressing. The construction of the main gate, the society’s front, the boundary wall, and road development are nearing completion. These boundary walls are made with high-quality material for the safety of people. The roads, Main Boulevard, and street are being built. Streetlights are also installed. Everything, including schools, hospitals, colleges, mosques, parks, sports facilities, and commercial districts, will be built.

SARCO Company is responsible for the construction of Gulberg Executive Housing Scheme Multan. They bring in heavy machinery and a highly qualified team of workers on the site. The remaining development is now under process and will be completed soon. The developers ensure that the development is completed within the timeframe. When the development is finished, the demand for Gulberg Multan will rise. This project would result in the most valuable housing society in Multan.

Booking Procedure

Gulberg Executive is the best opportunity for investment in Multan. The client can book plots in Gulberg Executive Multan with a simple process. The client will book their required property by contacting Universal Property Network. The following documents must be provided by the client for the booking of the plot:

Documents for Owners:

  • Two passport-sized photographs are required from Owner
  • 1 copy of the CNIC is required
  • 1 active mobile number is required
  • Down payment of the required plot (residential or commercial) through cheque or cash

Documents for Nominees:

  • 1 copy of the CNIC is required from the nominee
  • 1 active mobile number is required

The property will be booked in Gulberg Executive Multan after these documents are received from the owner. The file will be handed over to the client. After receiving the file, the client will be required to make monthly installments according to the payment plan.

Why Invest in Gulberg Executive Multan?

Gulberg Executive is the best housing society in Multan. It provides all of the needed conveniences and comforts at reasonable pricing. This project has an easy payment plan and a great location. There are numerous reasons to invest in Gulberg Executive, including:

  • It is conveniently placed on the Southern Bypass in Multan.
  • MDA-approved project
  • Eco-friendly and peaceful environment
  • It features excellent planning, infrastructure, and high development.
  • Gulberg Executive Multan is surrounded by various helpful amenities, such as educational institutions, hospitals, superstores, and retail centers.
  • Basic facilities are available, such as electricity, Sui gas, sewerage, and a 24-hour water supply.
  • This project has had rapid development.
  • A grand mosque is built for people.
  • The prices of properties are reasonable.
  • A small down payment is required for booking, and there is no confirmation charge.
  • An easy and simple five-year installment plan
  • Balloting will be placed every year.
  • This project allows for immediate ownership after balloting.
  • This housing society is completely secure and safe for both residents and investment.
  • The investment will generate a high return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sardar Ali Asghar Gurmani, the CEO of Faisal Asghar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., is the developer of this premium project in Multan.

The Multan Development Authority has approved this housing project. Because of this approval, all basic facilities such as electricity, Sui gas, and water are now available. This MDA-certified housing society is conveniently accessible to buyers and investors.

This housing community is conveniently located on the Southern Bypass, near the Ibn e Sina Hospital in Multan.

This housing society offers 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots for sale.

in this housing society, there are various sports facilities, such as cricket, football, hockey, badminton, and many indoor activities.

This housing project has reached 30% completion. The remaining project is still under construction. It will be completed soon.

Development charges are included in the payment plan for Gulberg Executive. The client will not have to pay separate development charges or any extra charges.

The client has to pay a 10% down payment for the booking of the plot.

The developer of Gulberg Executive Multan has provided the option for quick possession. The buyer will get possession immediately after the balloting.

In comparison to other Multan housing schemes, Gulberg Executive is a more affordable housing complex. This project provides residential plots in a good location at affordable pricing with luxurious facilities.

This housing project has a high potential for investment. Because of the easy payment plan, this project is affordable for families and small investors. Everyone has the ability to invest and get a significant return on their investment. The value of this project grows by the day.

This housing society has a simple booking procedure for plots. By contacting Universal Property Network, the client can book their selected property. The client must provide certain documentation, including a copy of their CNIC, passport-sized photographs, and a down payment on their plot.


Gulberg Executive Multan is a remarkable residential project with numerous investment opportunities. This housing society provides a distinct way of living that combines luxuries and convenience. It offers an easy and affordable installment plan for plots. Additionally, it offers an international standard of living with modern amenities. That is why we recommend investing in Gulberg Executive for residence as well as for investment. Your investment will be safe and profitable in the future.

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