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125 SQ Yards Plots in Bahria Town Karachi (Best Options)

125 SQ Yards Plots in Bahria Town Karachi (Best Options)

Are you searching for low-budget but the best location plots in Bahria Town Karachi? Do you desire to construct your dream home or planning to make a profitable investment in 125 sq yards plots in Bahria Town Karachi? Looking for something affordable yet attractive and beneficial? Well, we UPN is here with the best 125 sq yards plots that you will find ideal to invest in Bahria Town Karachi. These 125 sq yards residential plots are located in several precincts comes with bundles of amenities. Precincts offering an ideal location, low in cost 125 sq yards plots in Bahria Town Karachi are:

Precinct 26A

It is one of the beautiful precincts in Bahria Town Karachi, with a prime location on Main Jinnah Avenue. Precinct 26A is in the spotlight for the last few months because the new Head Office of Bahria Town Karachi is planned. The building of this main office is ready, and soon, Bahria Town administration will shift there. These plots in Precinct 26A are available in the sizes of 125 sq yards, where 80% of plots are on-ground and have possession. The starting prices of Precinct 26A, 125 sq yards plots in Bahria Town Karachi are 32 lacs and go high up to 42 lacs.

Precinct 11B

Located at a short distance from Bahria Town’s main gate, Precinct 11B is a beautiful precinct with ideal location villas and plots. This precinct is lying in the proximity of Precinct 10A and Precinct 11A, where hundreds of families are living in the villas by Bahria Town. However, 5 – 6 houses are also complete on its 125 sq yards plots. The latest prices of Precinct 11B, 125 sq yards plots in Bahria Town Karachi range between 42 lacs to 50 lacs. All the living facilities are available nearby; even a masjid is also ready in Precinct 11B.

Precinct 27

This precinct is located within walking distance from Precinct 28 Dancing Fountain. Precinct 27 features beautiful villas of 235 sq yards and residential plots of 125 sq yards. All its villas are complete in development, and a large number of families are living there. Also, 10 – 15 houses are ready on the 125 sq yards plots. These residential plots of Precinct 27 are available in the price range of 32 lacs up to 50 lacs depends on location.

Before suggesting investment in all these three precincts, let’s have an overview of 125 sq yards plots in Precinct 12, 14, and 15.

125 Sq Yards Plots Prices in Precinct 12, Precinct 14, and Precinct 15

Precinct 12, also known as Ali Block, is the heart of Bahria Town Karachi, offering the best 125 sq yards residential plots. Also, Precinct 14 and Precinct 15 holds importance for the ideal 125 sq yards plots in Bahria Town Karachi. The prices of plots in all these precincts are high as the latest rates start from 45 lacs. The highest prices of plots are around 75 lacs available in Ali Block.

Buying in Precinct 26A, Precinct 11B, and Precinct 27

All these three precincts of Bahira Town Karachi provide you a chance to buy the low-budget 125 sq yards. These plots are equally good for residence and investment. Especially those who cannot afford the beautiful villas of Precinct 10A and 11 A, or Precinct 27 can confidently buy these plots.




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