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Bahria Paradise – Recommended Properties for Investment

Bahria Paradise – Recommended Properties for Investment

Bahria Paradise is the third biggest sub-project of Bahria Town Karachi. It is beautifully located, a gated community developed inside this mega housing project. The location, developmental status, and attractions all are impressive enough to choose it confidently. Bahria Paradise is a thoughtfully planned sub-project of Bahria Town comprising many precincts. All these precincts are attractively developed and well-located that no one remains in the dark. But still, there are some best precincts and properties to consider for investment. Let’s discuss their details one by one!

Location of Bahria Paradise Karachi

Bahria Paradise is a well-developed gated community located inside Bahria Town Karachi. Its distance from the main entrance of Bahria Town is around 6 to 7KM. The main entrance of Bahria Paradise is located in the proximity of the Grand Jamia Mosque. Anyone can easily approach this society through Precinct 16 or Bahria Farmhouses.

250 sq Yards Plots in Bahria Paradise

As the name depicts, it’s a paradise-like development in Bahria Town Karachi. It is featuring the best residential plots of 250 sq yards. The launching price of these plots was 60 lacs. Offered on installments, but as the payment plan completes, you can only buy them in full cash.

Bahria Paradise 250 sq yards plots are available in several precincts. However, the best precincts to buy these plots are:

Precinct 47

It is the very first precincts of Bahria Paradise. It is on the right side just after crossing the main entrance. This precinct is 100% developed and offering plots with possession. The overall prices of the plots in Precinct 47 are 53 lacs to 65 lacs. Prices are different as per the location.

Precinct 48

This precinct also features impressive development. Around 75% of the total area is developed, but some areas are non-developed or disputed. The plot prices, especially on the wifi-streets, are between 60 lacs to 68 lacs. The plots at the back streets will cost you around 52 lacs to 60 lacs.

Precinct 49

Another good precinct to choose for residence and investment in Bahria Paradise is Precinct 49. It is located just opposite Precinct 47. It offers the developed residential plots of 250 sq yards at affordable prices.

Investment in Precinct 47, 48, and 49 and Expected Returns

Earlier, around a year ago, all the plots of Precinct 47, 48, 49 were available at the own prices of 15 to 20 lacs. But unfortunately, the prices go down after the demarcation and Bahria Town cases in the supreme court.

However, the prices of property in Bahria Town Karachi are improving day by day. These prices will increase more after the announcement of possession in Bahria Paradise Villas. Also, the speedy developments of this project can be another reason behind the increase in the prices. So, buying Precinct 47, 48, and 49 is highly recommended to gain handsome returns in the next 1 year.

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