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Bahria Town Lahore – A Complete Guide

Bahria Town Lahore – A Complete Guide

Bahria Town Lahore – Introduction

Bahria Town Lahore is the name of the crown jewel project of Bahria Town Pvt Limited. It is a name of excellence that does not require any introduction. This society has gained huge success, and undoubtedly, it’s a benchmark in Lahore’s real estate sector. Founded in 1997, it was the second housing project launched by Asia’s top property tycoon Malik Riaz.

Planned and developed with unmatched facilities and features, Bahria Town Lahore has no comparison with any other housing project.

Bahria Town Lahore – Developers

Launched to develop as the safe and the most luxurious housing society in Lahore, Bahria Town Lahore is a project by Malik Riaz. He is the founder and CEO of Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. Now grown as an excellent mark in Pakistan’s real estate industry, Bahria Town Lahore is developed on modern and advanced development trends.

Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. has presented this innovative project with a mission to provide a quality lifestyle and profitable investment opportunities to investors.

Undoubtedly, Bahria Town Developers has gained much appreciation in Bahria Town Lahore. Even they have won several awards on a national and international level. Some of these awards are:

Asia Pacific International Property Awards, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Highly Commended Leisure Interior

Best 5-Star Golf Development

Best 5-Star Leisure Architecture

Highly Commended Hi-Rise Architecture

Highly Commended Retail Interior

Highly Commended Leisure Interior

Bahria Town Developers is not only famous in Pakistan, but international newspapers and channels have also recognized their work in:

Newyork Times

Los Angeles Times

Kuwait Times

Gulf News

Euro Asia Industry

The National




Bahria Town Lahore – Location

Bahria Town is located in an easily accessible and prime location of Lahore. It is situated on Main Canal Road. Easy to access from multiple routes, it only a few minutes away from Lahore’s significant attractions. Some of the easy access to Bahria Town Lahore are:

A 5-minute drive from G.T Road

Approx. A 5-minute drive from Raiwind Road

A short distance from Lahore Ring Road

Lies Close to Sharif Medical City Road

Approx 07 min drive from Defense Road

Bahria Town Lahore Nearby Housing Societies

This top-class residential project enjoys the proximity to main residential areas of Lahore, such as:

NFC Phase 2

New Lahore City


NESPAK Housing Scheme

Canal Valley

Jubilee Town Lahore

Kahna Railway Station

Al-Rehman Garden Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore LDA Approval and NOC Status

This master-planned community is spanning over a large land area with six sectors and many blocks. Bahria Town Lahore holds a valid NOC from the relevant authorities. LDA completely approves its Sector A, Sector B, and Sector C. The remaining three sectors are also developed and legal. However, the developers are not asking for its approval so that its buyers and investor can confidently buy properties without paying any transfer fee.

Sector D, Sector E, and Sector F of Bahria Town Lahore will soon get approved by LDA.

Bahria Town Lahore – Master Plan/ Sectors

The master plan of Bahria Town Lahore is thoughtfully planned that none of its areas remains in the dark. It is featuring a total of six sectors that are:

Sector A, Sector B, Sector C, Sector D, Sector E and Sector F

Sector A Bahria Town Lahore

It is the very first and the oldest block of Bahria Town Lahore. Sector A is completely developed and has a maximum inhabitation ratio. All the basic to top-notch facilities are provided in this sector. Even the abundance of gardens in Sector A is the reason to be famous as Garden City. It has only two blocks where the plots and constructed houses of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal are available.

Sector B Bahria Town Lahore

Located at the entry point of Bahria Town Lahore, it is one of the best sectors with impressive construction and population ratio. Sector B features many blocks where the residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available for sale. All the world-class facilities are available while the beautiful infrastructure further boosts the value of properties.

Sector C Bahria Town Lahore

It is located adjacent to Sector B and also famous as the commercial hub of Bahria Town Lahore. Comprising around ten blocks, Sector C is the hot-favorite choice of end-users. Featuring so many opportunities for both residential and investment purposes, it also holds importance for featuring the major landmark Grand Jamia Mosque.

Sector C offers the plots in 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal sizes.

Sector D Bahria Town Lahore

Launched in 2011, Sector D is being popular to buy the best 5 Marla residential plots and houses in Bahria Town Lahore. It is located right next to Sector C and around six blocks in it. All the properties in Sector D come along with world-class facilities and attractions.

Undoubtedly, Sector D is the favorite sector of private builders and developers.

Sector E Bahria Town Lahore

After getting huge success in the first four sectors, Bahria Town launched Sector E in 2012. It has become a completely on-ground, developed, and populated sector of Bahria Town Lahore. Equipped with facilities like standard education, health, and commercials, there are around seven blocks and some extensions in Sector E extensions.

It is also famous for the outstanding development of Theme Park, Eiffel Tower, Bahria Mart, and Bahria Town’s first petrol pump.

Sector F Bahria Town Lahore

This is the last sector but the perfectly developed sector of Bahria Town Lahore. It features many blocks and some extensions. Plots of 5 Marla to 1 Kanal are available for sale in Sector F. Amenities like Cine Gold Plex Cinema, the largest food court of Bahria Town and developed commercial areas are available in Sector F.

Bahria Town Lahore – Blocks

All the six sectors of Bahria Town Lahore are further divided into many blocks. Some of these blocks are even extended with their extensions. So, the blocks in Bahria Town Lahore are:

Sector Name Block in Sectors
Sector A Babar Block, Canal Block
Sector B Umar Block, Shaheen Block, Awais Qarni Block, Ali Block, Takbeer Block, Ghouri Block, Usman Block
Sector C Hussain Block, Jasmine Block, Juniper Block, Gulbahar Block, Tulip Block, Gardenia Block, Gulmohar Block, Iris Block, Chameli Block
Sector D  AA Block, BB Block, CC Block, DD Block, EE Block
Sector E Jinnah Block, Talha Block, Rafi Block, Johar Block, Nishtar Block, Quaid Block, Iqbal Block
Sector F Tauheed Block, Ghaznavi Block, Tipu Sultan Block, Sikandar Block, Ghazi Block, Alamgir Block, Shershah Block


Bahria Town Lahore – Available Plot Sizes

Bahria Town Lahore offers several sizes of residential plots for sale. The prices of these plots are different as per location and surrounded attractions. Following are the residential plot sizes in Bahria Town Lahore:

5 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

2 Kanal

Commercial plots in Bahria Town Lahore are available in size range of 2 Marla to 10 Marla.

Bahria Town Lahore Popular Sectors to Buy Property

All the sectors of Bahria Town Lahore are good to buy the property. However, the selection of property depends on the client’s demand. Those searching for plots for residential purposes usually prefer buying in Sector B, Sector C, and Sector D. It does not mean that these sectors are not profitable from an investment point of view. Still, properties for sale in Sector E and Sector F have more investment potential.

Bahria Town Lahore Popular Sectors for Rent

If you are looking for a shop, office, or apartment for rent, choose Sector C. It is the most popular sector to buy properties on rent. Additionally, several houses and house portions are available on rent in Sector B, Sector D, and Sector E of Bahria Town Lahore.

Bahria Town Lahore Popular Attractions

High Standard Security

High standard security is the top attraction of Bahria Town Lahore. Bahria Town provides 24/7 security with complete vigilance. Bahria Town is developed with a boundary wall in the surroundings to provide foolproof security to its residents. It has barrier gates, and security guards guard entry points.

Grand Jamia Mosque

Bahria Town Lahore is developed with one of the largest Jamia Mosque in Pakistan. It is designed by Nayyar Ali Dada and was inaugurated in 2014. The design of this Grand Mosque Bahria Town Lahore had its motivation from the architect and design of the Badshahi Mosque, Sheikh Zaid Mosque, and Wazir Khan Mosque. It is one of the largest mosques in Asia, with a capacity of 80,000 worshippers. Moreover, it has a separate praying area for women and also has an Islamic Art Gallery.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower, which is a replica of the Eiffel Tower Paris, is undoubted the most delicate addition to Lahore’s landscape. It is located beautifully in the Sector E of Bahria Town Lahore. Impressively constructed in 2014, It comprises three levels: L’Eiffel, Fin Dine, and Top (Viewing Deck).  The total height of the Eiffel Tower Replica is 80 m (262 ft.). It displays a mesmerizing view every night that comprises of beautiful colors and lights it.

Ahram-e-Misr, the Egyptian Pyramid

Like many other attractions, Bahira Town Lahore also features Ahram-e-Misr, the Egyptian Pyramid. It is the most eye-catching attraction of Bahria Town Lahore that represents Egyptian Heritage. Ahram -e- Misr is constructed on the theme of Cambodia and Egypt. The sphinx’s model-sized structure placed on the street of Bahria Town gives a mysterious feeling to discover more about the Egyptian historical places.

Trafalgar Square

It is another major attraction of Bahria Town Lahore developed by replicating the Trafalgar Square London. It is not as large as the original one, but it adds more grace to the overall infrastructure of Bahria Town Lahore.

Facilities at Bahria Town Lahore

Gated Community with Security Gates and Highly Trained Security Guards

CCTV Cameras Monitoring and Patrolling

Peaceful Ambience/ Healthy/Secure Environment

State of the Art Infrastructure and Modern Development

Advanced/Unmatched Facilities

Uninterrupted/24/7 Water, Electricity and Gas

International Standard Schools and Colleges

High Standard Theme Park/ Beautiful and Spacious Parks/ Recreational Areas and Playgrounds for Kids

Grocery Stores/Shopping Center/Markets/Shopping Malls

Wide Carpeted Roads and Green Belts

Paved Walkways for Pedestrians

Properly Maintained Drainage and Waste Disposal Systems

Standard Healthcare Facilities


Buying property in Bahria Town Lahore for residence and investment point of view is highly recommended. Its residents have positive feedback for society, which proves the Bahria Town administration’s commitment and dedication. Equipped with all the top-class facilities and attractions, it is a complete package for buyers and end-users.

Bahria Town Lahore is a place where you will be facilitated in every walk of life. Whether it’s safety, fresh environment, education or healthcare facilities, entertainment or commercial activities, gym or sports facility, you will find each and everything available at your doorstep.

For buying and selling property in Bahria Town Lahore, please contact Universal Property Network. We are the authorized dealers of Bahria Town projects!

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