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Big Surprise for Investors of Lahore Smart City After Eid

Big Surprise for Investors of Lahore Smart City After Eid


Can’t wait to hear about the surprises at Lahore Smart City? Do you want to know what the great surprise is in Lahore Smart City after Eid? Lahore Smart City is the largest project, which includes numerous other projects, economic opportunities, residential opportunities, and a variety of other properties. Here are the huge surprises and announcements of Lahore Smarty City. The developer plans to develop numerous new projects as well as numerous other investment opportunities.


In this blog, we will discuss the surprises for investors in the Lahore Smart City after Eid. We will discuss the new projects, business opportunities, and residential options available in Lahore Smart City.

Lahore Smart City after Eid – Surprises/Projects for Investments

Lahore Smart City is a high-end project that will provide numerous options to clients and buyers. Various new developments are going to start in Lahore Smart City after Eid, including:

  • Railway line underpass
  • A New Deal of Residential Plots in Executive-1
  • Mediterranean and Georgian villas
  • Lahore Downtown
  • Silicon Valley
  • Central Business District

1 – Railway Line Underpass 

Lahore Smart City is a premium project and comes with a luxurious lifestyle. There are many developments and new projects that are launching after Eid.

Lahore Smart City has just begun development on the railway underpass. This railway line underpass has direct access from the GT road in Lahore. It is the biggest surprise from Lahore Smart City after Eid for its members and sales partners. In a recent development, Lahore Smart City completed the huge task of bypassing the old railway tracks. Furthermore, the development of the railway line underpass is progressing quickly in Lahore Smart City.

2 – New Deal of Residential Plots in Executive-1

Lahore Smart City will introduce new residential plots of various sizes. These plots are suitable for residents of luxury housing societies with peaceful surroundings. There will be educational and healthcare facilities, shopping malls and grocery stores, gyms, and many more amenities. The sizes of residential plots in Lahore Smart City after Eid, are as follows:

  • 5 Marla residential plot
  • 1 Kanal residential plot

These plots will be launched in the blocks Overses-1 and Executive-1. These blocks feature new investment opportunities in Lahore Smart City.

3 – Mediterranean and Georgian Villas

Villas of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal will be available in Lahore Smart City after Eid. These villas are suitable for both residents and investors. These villas are designed by highly qualified architects and designers with the most attractive interior and exterior designs. The developer plans to launch these houses in Lahore Smart City after Eid. The names and sizes of these villas are as follows:

  • Mediterranean Villas are available in 10 Marla
  • Georgian Villas are available in 1 Kanal

Mediterranean Villas

Mediterranean villas will be launched in Lahore Smart City after Eid. These villas are examples of traditional architecture from Italy, Greece, and Spain. These villas contain the best interior and exterior design, high ceilings, tilework, and woodwork. It also has an outdoor living area, such as a courtyard. These 10 Marla villas in Lahore Smart City are the best for residents. These villas are well-structured and designed to include features such as:

  • Four master bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.
  • Living room and dining room
  • Drawing room and powder room
  • Two TV lounges and two trendy kitchens
  • Courtyard as an out space
  • Separate balcony and terrace
  • Garden and swimming pool
  • Ventilation area and washing area
  • Car parking area

Georgian Villas

Georgian villas will be launched in Lahore Smart City after Eid. These villas include modern conveniences and high-quality residents. People will live a comfortable and easy lifestyle there with amenities such as parks, playgrounds, retail centers, and schools. A Georgian Villa in Lahore Smart City is a blend of historic elegance and modern convenience with a high level of security. This property attracts individuals seeking a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle due to its infrastructure. These 1 Kanal villas are best for residents. It has excellent construction and design features, such as:

  • Five master bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.
  • Drawing room, living room, dining room, and powder room
  • Library room
  • Two TV lounges and two contemporary kitchens
  • Garden area and swimming pool
  • A balcony and terrace
  • 3-4 car parking area

Prices of villas in Lahore Smart City after Eid:

The expected price of Mediterranean Villas is more than 3 crores.

The expected price of Georgian Villas is more than 5 crores.

4 – Lahore Downtown

Lahore Smart City will launch the new project “Downtown” after Eid. The great designer of Spain, Mr. Daniyal Friel, has created the design for this luxurious project. The Downtown is situated in front of Sector A and on the backside of Mediterranean and Georgian villas. Downtown will be launched in Lahore Smart City after Eid and will include:

  • Commercial Towers
  • Residential Apartments
  • Medical Tower

Commercial Towers

Downtown will have numerous commercial towers for investors. These towers are perfect for both commercial and investment purposes. These business towers are offered to investors when they begin their businesses. The commercial buildings in Downtown contain:

  • Office space
  • Jobs opportunities
  • Co-working space
  • Basement parking

Residential Apartments

The residential towers will be launched in Lahore Smart City after Eid. Many apartments and penthouses with luxury amenities can be found in these residential towers. Residential towers have the following available properties:

  • One-bedroom apartments
  • Two-bedroom apartment
  • Three-bedroom apartments
  • Four-bedroom apartments
  • Penthouses

Every apartment and penthouse has the best interior, exterior, and floor plans, including:

  • Bedrooms with an attached bathroom
  • Dining area
  • One master kitchen
  • A swimming pool

The Downtown has two main entrances with a high level of security. There will be plenty of parking, with a capacity of 1,000 cars at any time.

Medical Tower

A medical tower will be available in Downtown Lahore Smart City after Eid. There will be medical and healthcare services available, as well as highly qualified doctors and professional and experienced staff. This medical tower will include facilities such as:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pharmacies and testing laboratories

5 – Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a huge development that will be launched in Lahore Smart City after Eid. An IT company will be founded in Silicon Valley and managed by a Los Angeles-based IT firm. They would offer 25,000 desks for their employees, and the remaining 75,000 desks will be managed by the Lahore Smart City. The employees of this international company in Pakistan are already working from their homes or other offices. The Silicon Valley contains:

  • IT institutes and offices
  • Offices of Technology Operations
  • Software Houses
  • Corporate Offices and Warehouses
  • Apartments for rent
  • Retail Offices

6 – CBD (Central Business District)

CBD (Central Business Tower) is a huge project that will be launched in Lahore Smart City after Eid. This grand project will offer many business opportunities to its residents and investors.

The Central Business District will contain three business towers. These towers have no residential space for living; they are primarily used for business. These stunning towers will be located in Lahore Smart City and will have a view of:

  • There will be a beautiful lake in front of CBD Towers.
  • These towers will provide a view of the Lahore Ring Road from the front.


These are some of the biggest surprises from Lahore Smart City, which will officially open after Eid. Lahore Smart City is an excellent project with numerous residential and commercial options. The developer will launch a number of major projects in Lahore Smart City after Eid. These are high-end projects with a high estimated return. The client or investor should invest in this luxurious project for a better tomorrow. It is a wonderful investment opportunity in Lahore. Lahore Smart City would be the most beneficial investment of your life.

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