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DHA City Karachi Latest Prices and Minimum Investment

DHA City Karachi Latest Prices and Minimum Investment

Launched In 2009, DHA City Karachi is a rapidly developing housing society. It’s a unique and attractive development by the well-known Defense Housing Authority. Located at the outskirts of Karachi, far from the hustle and bustle of the central city, it’s a heart-winning project where buying is 100% beneficial. Despite speedy developments, DHA City Karachi latest prices are reasonable. That’s why investors with a limited budget can happily buy property in DHA City with minimum investment.

This latest blog post will share the details of the best sectors offering you investment opportunities at the lowest prices. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out the options available for investment in DHA City Karachi in 2021:

DHA City Karachi Latest Prices and Investment Opportunities

A variety of properties are available for sale in DHA City Karachi. So, here we will provide you with the best information on plots sizes starting from 125 sq yards to 1000 sq yards.

Investment in 125 Sq Yards Plots

Mainly DHA City has 16 sectors, but this size of plots category is only available in DHA Sector 14 A, B, and D. These 125 sq yards plots are available on the profit amount. The launching prices of these plots are between 5 – 6 lacs, but after the profit amount, DHA City Karachi latest price for 125 sq yards is 32 – 36 lacs.

Note: 125 sq yards is the only plot category available on easy installments.

Investment in 200 Sq Yards Plots

This size of plots is easily available in several sectors of DHA City Karachi. However, the sector offering minimum investment opportunities is Sector 11 E. It’s a beautiful and thoughtfully planned sector but located some distance from the main entrance. That’s why many of the investors seem concerned to invest in it. But the simple equation to know whether to know that will these plots prices increase or not is: whenever the prices of plots in DHA City Karachi, this increase appears in all the sectors.

The latest prices of 200 sq yards plots in DHA City Karachi are 43 lacs to 45 lacs.

Investment in 300 Sq Yards Plots

It’s another good size of the residential plot; anyone can confidently buy for residence and investment. This size of plots with minimum investment opportunities is available in Sector 11 E and Sector 13 F. These sectors are impressive to invest in property in DHA City Karachi. However, Sector 13 F holds significant importance as DHA has launched its official map, and plots are available with plot numbers.

DHA City Karachi Latest Prices

The latest prices of 300 Sq Yards plots in DHA City Sector 11 E and Sector 13 F are ranging between 53 lacs to 57 lacs.

Investment in 500 Sq Yards Plots

It’s the all-time favourite size of residential plots in DHA City Karachi. 500 sq yards plots are almost available in all the sectors of this society, starting from Sector 2 to Sector 16. However, the minimum investment opportunities are available in Sector 17, which is a new sector. But it does not have an on-ground location, and only files are available. The current prices of plots in Sector 17 are ranging between 75 lacs to 78. But buying in a developed sector is always better than files. That’s why we recommend Sector 13 D. This sector is offering 500 sq yards plots in the price bracket of 70 – 80 lacs. At the same time, you can buy the best plots of 500 sq yards in Sector 15 and 16 at the price of 82 lacs to 83 lacs.

Investment in 1000 Sq Yards Plots

It’s the most significant plot size of residential plots you can buy in DHA City Karachi. These plots are also available in several sectors. However, the minimum investment opportunities in 1000 sq yards plots await you in Sector E. The latest prices of plots in this sector are 1.50 crores to 1.65 crores. Similarly, Sector 15 and Sector 16 offer the same size plots in the price bracket of 1.70 crores to 1.85 crores. The location of sectors 15 and 16 is better than Sector E, so the prices are also high.

That’s all are about the residential properties in DHA City Karachi. Next, let’ discuss the commercial opportunities you can avail with minimum investments.

Commercial Investment in DHA City Karachi

Like residential options, DHA City Karachi offers a wide range of opportunities in commercials as well. However, the best size with the lowest prices is 200 sq yards commercial plots. This size of plots is readily available in Sector 14, Sector 15 and Sector 16. The starting prices of 200 sq yards commercials is 1.60 crores to 1.70 crores. Therefore, buying in these plots is suitable for long-term investment purposes.

So, while summing up all these details, we conclude that DHA City Karachi latest prices, current development, and minimum price opportunities are together making this society a prominent option for investment. It’s a valuable society where your investment will be secure and beneficial. The chances of capital growth are 100%. However, the selection of the right property and the right time investment is needed.

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