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Lahore Smart City New Balloting Date – Latest Updates

Lahore Smart City New Balloting Date – Latest Updates


Exciting news for investors and buyers of Lahore Smart City! The much-anticipated Lahore Smart City new balloting date is announce, creating a call of expectation among those who have eagerly awaited this significant event. Initially scheduled for the 13th of May, the balloting had to be postponed due to the unstable political conditions prevailing in the country. However, this delay has only heightened the excitement and expectations surrounding the upcoming balloting. With the new date set, investors and buyers of LSC can now look forward to the potential opportunities. Buyers with 40% payments are ready to secure good location plots in this premium project. Please keep on reading to know more!

Lahore Smart City New Balloting Date

The Lahore Smart City new balloting date is officially announce. So, mark your calendars because it’s scheduled for the 10th of June. This balloting will take place on the Lahore Smart City site. This event brings a wave of excitement among Lahore Smart City members. Please note: special preference will be given to those who have made 40% payments of their plots. Members with 60% payment already secure their plots in Lahore Smart City first balloting.

This upcoming balloting of LSC will include all the properties of Overseas 1 and Executive 1 Blocks. The inclusion of various plot categories ensures that a wide range of investors and buyers can participate and potentially become proud owners of their dream properties. Moreover, the entire balloting process will be transparent and computerize. Once the balloting process completes, results will be available online as well as successful members will receive SMS.

The plot categories included in Lahore Smart City’s second balloting are:

  • 5 Marla residential plot
  • 7 Marla residential plot
  • 10 Marla residential plot
  • 12 Marla residential plot
  • 1 Kanal residential plot
  • 4 Marla commercial plot
  • 8 Marla commercial plot

Benefits of this Upcoming Ballot in Lahore Smart City

The Lahore Smart City new balloting date (LSC) holds immense benefits. It promises a bright future for both investors and residents. Here are some advantages and prospects after the balloting:

Allocation of Residential and Commercial Plots: The balloting process will result in the allocation of residential and commercial plots. It caters to the diverse needs of investors and residents alike.

Increase in Property Value: After the balloting, the value of residential and commercial properties in LSC is expected to rise significantly.

Profit Potential: Once the plot number is allocated through balloting, the chances of generating a profit (Own/profit) increase. As the demand for properties in LSC grows, the market value of these plots is likely to rise. It provides a favorable environment for investors to gain substantial returns on their investment.

Possession and Short-Term Returns: After a short period following the balloting process, clients and investors will be granted possession of their plots.

Market Value Growth: As LSC continues to develop and establish itself as a premier residential and commercial hub. So, the overall market value of the project will witness significant growth.

Launch of New Deals are Expected

During the highly anticipated Lahore Smart City Balloting Event, it is expected that a new deal featuring 3.5 Marla plots will be launched. Although this information is not official. It has generated significant excitement among potential buyers and investors. While the specifics regarding prices and payment plans for these plots are not yet available, it is expected that further details will be announced during the event. This potential addition to the project’s offerings showcases the commitment of Lahore Smart City. This project surely provides a diverse range of plot options.

Moreover, get ready for the launch of new deals in the near future. It will featuring luxurious villas and the highly popular Lahore Downtown. These upcoming new deals promise to elevate the offerings of our vibrant society. It provides more options for individuals looking to buy the best properties in Lahore. Stay in touch for further updates as we embark on this exciting journey together. The future of Lahore Smart City is bright even more than our expectations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the answers to the commonly asked questions:

What is the new balloting date for Lahore Smart City?

The Lahore Smart City new balloting date is scheduled for 10th June. This balloting event will take place at LSC site.

Why the balloting was postponed?

The Lahore Smart City second balloting was postponed due to unstable political conditions prevailing in the country.

Will all categories of residential plots be included in the balloting?

Yes, all categories of residential plots will be included in the balloting process.

What is the significance of the new balloting date for investors and buyers?

The new balloting date presents a significant opportunity for investors and buyers to secure their desired plots in Lahore Smart City, offering potential returns and a chance to be a part of this esteemed community.

Will preference be given to individuals who have made a certain payment percentage?

Yes, individuals who have made 40% payment of their plots will be given preference in the balloting process, ensuring an equitable distribution of plots.

What can I expect after the balloting?

Following the balloting, successful participants will be allocated their plot numbers, enabling them to proceed with further processes such as possession and construction as per the project’s guidelines.

How will the new balloting date impact the future of Lahore Smart City?

The new balloting date signifies progress and growth for Lahore Smart City, attracting more investors, increasing market value, and contributing to the overall development and success of the project.

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