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Legally Approved and Non-Approved Societies in Gwadar

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  • March 10, 2020
  • Gwadar
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Legally Approved and Non-Approved Societies in Gwadar

Legally Approved and Non-Approved Societies in Gwadar

Gwadar is undoubtedly featuring the most appealing properties of Pakistan. It is catching everyone’s attention due to the large number of ongoing developments. Gwadar is full of real estate investment opportunities. It is a place where a large number of housing societies are offering the best properties for sale. Some of these are safe to invest. Government housing societies are Singhaar Housing Scheme and New Town Housing Scheme. In addition, there is a number of private housing projects that can be your first choice for investment.

Fake/ Illegal Housing Schemes in Gwadar

But unfortunately, there are also some fake schemes that are taking the benefit of these opportunities and looting a huge amount of money from investors. They are fooling general public/investors by selling the illegal, non-approved properties in their fake projects.

In order, to provide the right information to the investors of real estate projects in Gwadar GDA has published a list of housing schemes on their website ( The list provided is updated with society’s NOC status so that anyone can easily check which housing society have valid NOC.

Approved and Non-Approved Housing Schemes in Gwadar

We are also sharing this list below where you can easily check the location of a society, its NOC number and NOC status:


Serial # Project Name Location NOC # NOC Status
1 Creek City Ankara Janoobi 02/04/H.S GDA NOC Stands Expired
2 New World City Dhore Ghati 01/04/H.S GDA NOC Stands Expired
3 Golden Palm Ankara Janoobi 03/04/H.S GDA NOC Stands Expired
4 GDA Housing Scheme No.5 Dhore Ghatti 05/04/H.S/ GDA NOC Stands Expired
5 Gwadar Royal Garden Moza Shabi 06/04/H.S/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
6 Green Palms Gwadar Mouzani 07/04/H.S/GDA(B NOC restored conditionally
7 Platinum City Mouzani 08/04/H.S/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
8 Globiz Avenue (old West Bay Ankara Janoobi 09/04/H.S /GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
9 Globiz Avenue Phase-II Ankara Janoobi 10/04/H.S/GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
10 White Pearl City Ankara Shumali 11/04/H.S/GDA NOC Stands Expired
11 Jinnah City Kia Kalat 12/04/H.S/GDA (B) NOC restored conditionally
12 Hermain City Peliri Gurbi 13/04/HS/GDA (B) NOC restored conditionally
13 Model Town Gwadar Mozzani 14/05/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
14 Madina City Kia–e-Kalat 15/05/HS/GDA (B) NOC Stands Expired
15 Inara City Chaib Kalmati 16/05/HS/GDA (B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
16 Koh-I-Noor Savanah Kia–e-Kalat 17/05/HS/GDA (B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
17 West Bay Town Ankara Shumali 18/05/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
18 Blue Ocean Residency Chatti Junabi 19/05/HS/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
19 Ocean City Gwadar Ankara Shamali 20/05/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
20 Bin Qasim City, Gwadar Chaib Kalmati 21/05/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
21 Broadway Residencia Ankara Shamali 22/05/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
22 Free Port Housing Scheme No.01 Gamaro 23/05/HS/GDA (B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
23 Old Name: Kaamyab City
New Name: The Gwadar Central
Chib Kalmati 24/05/HS/GDA NOC restored conditionally
24 GDA Bolan City Mazzani 25/05/HS/GDA (B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
25 Canadian City Gwadar Ankara Shumali 26/05/HS/GDA NOC restored conditionally
26 Jamal City Chatti Janoobi 27/05/HS/GDA(B) NOC restored conditionally
27 Golden Lake Chatti Janoobi 28/05/HS/GDA(B) NOC restored conditionally
28 Gwadar City Gwadar Mazzani 29/05/HS/GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
29 New World City Phase-2 Chaib Kalmati 30/05/HS/GDA (B) NOC Stands Expired
30 Platinum Sea View Gwadar Darbella Shumali 31/05/HS/GDA (B) NOC Stands Expired
31 Rabi City Gwadar Chib Kalmati 32/05/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
32 Creek City Phase-II Mazzani 33/05/HS/GDA (B) NOC Stands Expired
33 Globel Village Gwadar Mazzani 34/05/HS/GDA (B) NOC Stands Expired
34 Gwadar Prime View Gorani (Pasni) 35/05/HS/GDA (Pasni) NOC Stands Expired
35 Shams Developer Shambe Ismail Ward 36/05/HS/GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired

NOC Status of Housing Societies in Gwadar

36 Old Name: Pearl Builder
New Name: The Gwadar Lagoon.
Ankra Shumali 37/05/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
37 Old Name: Al-Shams Builder & Developer.
New Name: Al-Shams City Gwadar
Ankara Shumali 38/05/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
38 China Village Gwadar Peshukan 39/05/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
39 Florida City Gwadar Chati Jounibi 40/05/HS/GDA (B) NOC Stands Expired
40 Globiz Phase-IV Ankara Shamali 41/05/HS/GDA NOC restored conditionally
41 Old Name: Desmount Residency
New Name: Kings Park Gwadar
Ankara Shamali 42/05/HS/GDA NOC restored conditionally
42 Old Name: Marzia City/King City
New Name: Crown City Phase II
Chatti Shamali 43/05/HS/GDA (B) NOC Stands Expired
43 S.N. Sahil Paren Took 44/06/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
44 Gwadar Royal Garden Phase II Shabi 45/06/HS/GDA(B) NOC Restored Conditionally

Approved and Non-Approved Projects in Gwadar

45 Sara-i-Noor Passo 46/06/HS/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
46 Broadway City Gwadar Washin Door 47/06/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
47 Grace City Chib Kalmati 48/06/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
48 Zero Point Residency Chib Kalmati 49/06/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
49 Gillan Residencia Ankara Shumali 50/06/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
50 Anchor City Gwadar Nighore Sharif 51/06/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
51 Arabian City Mazzani 52/06/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
52 New Name: Gwadar Golf City
Old Name: Rabia City Gwadar
Paleri Garbi 53/06/HS/GDA(B) NOC Restored Conditionally
53 Meer Gurab (HBFC) Sur Bandar 54/06/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
54 Sharjah Center Chib Kalmati 55/06/HS/GDA(B) NOC Restored Conditionally
55 Falcon Homes Prain Tok 56/06/HS/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
56 Sahil City Shabi 57/06/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
57 Crown City Chati Shumali 58/06/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
58 Marine City Robar 59/06/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
59 Noor Marwah Bandi 60/07/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
60 Al-Rahim City Mazzani 61/07/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
61 Liberty Town Chib Kalmati 62/07/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired

Legal/Illegal Housing Schemes in Gwadar

62 Gwadar Sea View Pishukan 63/07/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
63 Gulberg City Chati Shumali 64/07/HS/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
64 Sun Silver City Chati Shumali 65/07/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
65 Northern Alliance Parcs Chib Kalmati 66/07/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
66 Indus City Gwadar Shabi 69/07/HS/GDA NOC restored conditionally
67 Miami Villas Washeen Dhore 68/07/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
68 Coast Way Residency Chatti Shumali 70/07/HS/GDA (B) NOC restored conditionally
69 Old Name: Gold Reaf City
New Name: Palm City Gwadar
Shabi 67/07/HS/GDA(B) NOC restored conditionally
70 Sun Over Seas City Chatti Shumali 73/07/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
71 Sachan City Gwadar Mazzani 75/08/HSGDA(B) NOC restored conditionally
72 Apna City Gwadar Chatti Shumali 71/07/HS/GDA(B) NOC Stands Expired
73 Savaira City Gwadar Chatti Junobi 78/09/HS/GDA NOC Stands Expired
74 Al-Ghani Housing Scheme Washin Dhore 81/14/H.S/GDA NOC restored conditionally
75 Marine Homes Ankara Junobi 01/16/HS/com/GDA NOC Stands Expired
76 International Port City Kia Kalat 74/07/HS/GDA(B) NOC restored conditionally
77 Naval Anchorage Gwadar Ankara Shumali 82/17/HS/GDA NOC Issued
78 ECHS Phase -ll Ankara Junobi 79/13/HS/GDA NOC issued
79 BECHS Ankara Junobi 80/14/HS/GDA NOC issued

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