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Updated Prices of Villas In Bahria Town Karachi

Updated Prices of Villas In Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria town Karachi is the investor’s paradise, offering a wide range of villas for sale. The thoughtfully designed, modern villas of Bahria Town are available in several sizes. These villas are located in Precinct 2, Precinct 10, Precinct 11, Precinct 27, Precinct 31, and many more.

The development of Bahria Town Karachi villas is made as per the international trends and demands. Moreover, most of these villas are 100% developed with possession handover to their owners. All these modern living spaces of Bahria Town Karachi are full of facilities. Enjoying ideal and easily accessible locations, these villas of Bahria Town are best in all terms. Here you must be wondering about the prices of these villas.

So, let us share the updated prices of villas in Bahria Town Karachi!

Precinct 10A and Precinct 11A 200 Sq Yards Villas

These are high in demand villas of 200 sq yards in Bahria Town Karachi. All the facilities like nearby schools, shopping galleries, mosques, and parks are functional. These days, Precinct 10A and Precinct 11A villas are among the hot-selling property of Bahria Town. There are around 1600 villas in Precinct 10A, out of which 1000 villas are occupied. Both of these precincts have a good inhabitation ratio, and prices are increasing at regular intervals. Precinct 10A and Precinct 11A 200 sq yards villas are 1.45 crores to 1.65 crores.

Precinct 11A and Precinct 11B 152 Sq Yards Villas

Limited in numbers, both of these precincts are offering 152 sq yards of villas for sale. These are 3-bedroom accommodation villas that are ideal for investment and residence. These villas are ideally located and have lots of facilities in the surroundings. The latest prices of these villas are 95 lacs to 1.25 crores.

Precinct 27 and Precinct 31 Villas 235 Sq Yards Villas

Both these precincts are offering affordable villas for sale. These villas are ready and available with possession. Facilities like a mosque, shopping gallery, and entertainment spots are easily accessible from them. Moreover, the inhabitation ratio in Precinct 27 Villas and that of Precinct 31 is increasing with time.

The latest prices of Precinct 27 and Precinct 31 Villas are almost the same. These villas are available in the price range of 1.05 crores to 1.45 crores. The huge difference in the villas’ prices is their location, development status, and the payments of other charges of Bahria Town Karachi.

Sports City Villas of 350 Sq Yards

These are 350 sq yards size villas popular as Sports City Villas. These villas are located in Precinct 35, and several families are living in them. The starting price of a Sports City Villa is 1.65 crores to 2 crores. The villas under development or the grey structure ready are available between the price range of 1.45 crores to 1.55 crores. The development work of a mosque near the Sports City Villas is near completion. Also, a shopping gallery is developed in Precinct 33 that will be operational soon.

Paradise Villas of 500 Sq Yards

Bahria Paradise Villas are ready for possession villas in Bahria Town Karachi. These are 500 sq yards, 5-bedroom accommodation villas located ideally in Bahria Paradise Karachi. The starting price of a Paradise Villas is 2.75 crores to 3.50 crores. Options such as general and category villas are available. Prices of these villas are increasing day by day.

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