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Details of Agreement Signed Between Jamaat e Islami & Malik Riaz

Details of Agreement Signed Between Jamaat e Islami & Malik Riaz

In order to resolve the matters of Bahria Town affectees, several meetings were held between CEO Bahria Town Karachi Malik Riaz and the leadership of Jamaat-e- Islami. A joined committee is formed and an agreement has also been signed between Jamaat e Islami and Malik Riaz.

Details of this Agreement Signed between Jamaat e Islami & Malik Riaz

Clause No 1: All those allottees who want to get their amount returned will be facilitated with a complete refund within the time period of 6 months starting from 02 March 2020. This refund will be processed step by step. All those members with bounced cheque will be paid first. After that, allottees with cheques will get their refund amount.  Next, the society will return the amount to those, who are willing to get their amount return and have submitted their files to Bahria Town. However, the refund time limit will not exceed 6 months. If the amount is not returned within six months, Bahria Town will compensate the allottees on the same rate they charge on late payments.

Clause No 2: Forceful possession of plots and houses will no more be valid. Moreover, allottees will have the time of four years from the time of this agreement to apply for possession. Those who had already applied for “Forceful Possession” will be not forced to pay extra development charges. However, Bahria Town members who will shift to their apartments or start the construction of their houses will have to pay maintenance charges.

Clause No 3: Allottees who have already taken the possession of their properties after Bahria Town notice or had applied for it, will be not forced to pay maintenance charges until they start the construction on their plots.

Clause No 4: However, the allottees of ready villas and apartments will apply their possessions within 3 months and the allottees of Golf City will take the possession within 6 months. In case of not applying, allottees of these ready properties will have to pay the maintenance and utility charges of their properties. In case of not applying the possession within 6 months, Golf City allottees will also pay a 20% amount as NUF. But their properties will neither be canceled nor changed.

Clause No 5: Allottees of Old BTK, whose plots have been canceled due to non-payments, will get their amount returned in the next 6 months. Those who had paid their complete amounts will be allotted with plots or will get their amount returned according to the process described in Clause No 1.

Clause No 6: Bahria Heights is comprised of 12 Towers, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, and Bahria Town has already received the complete payments of these properties in them. So, the development work of these towers will must be completed and will be handed over to allottees within 6 months.

Clause No 7: People with the forms of any project by Bahria Town such as Opal, Nawabshah, Tariq Road Tower, etc. will must be adjusted in some other projects. Otherwise, they will be refunded according to Clause No 1 of this agreement.

Clause No 8: Bahria Town will not launch any new deal with prices lower than the market. Also, in those areas of Bahria Town where plots could not be given to the allottees due to the non-availability of land, Bahria Town will not launch any new deal or project.

Clause No 9: Bahria Town has adjusted 14,500 affectees to the newly launched precincts 60, 61, 62 and 63. These plots will be allotted within the next 3 months. Moreover, Bahria Town will also disclose the location and share these details with people within 1 month. Also, Bahria Town will be the legal owner of such land.

Clause No 10: Allottees with protected plots in Bahria Sports City and Bahria Paradise will be notified within 60 days.

Clause No 11: According to Bahria Town, no new land is available in Bahria Sports City and Bahria Paradise, but if any land will be available, allottees with disputed plots will be adjusted there on priority bases or at any other place. Otherwise, they will be refunded according to Clause No 1 of this agreement.

Clause No 12: Bahria Town will make concerted efforts to regularize its project land and to give ownership to its people.

Clause No 13: Allottees of 23 A and other villas will be facilitated with their properties within the next 12 to 18 months.

Clause No 14: Allottees of Precinct 25-A, 26-A, 28, 29-a-b, c, d, 32-a, b, c, d, and 33-a, b, c, d, and other precincts will be allotted with their plots within  Bahria Town Karachi. Otherwise, they will be refunded according to Clause No 1 of this agreement.

Clause No 15: Overseas affectees will be allotted with their plots with 3 months. Moreover, constructed properties will be handover within 18 months.  However, if allottee desires to get the amount returned, he will be refunded according to Clause No 1 of this agreement.

Clause No 16: The allotted numbers of plots/flats/villas of Bahria Town allottees will not be changed

Clause No 17: Any transfer of the property will be not stopped on the bases of any amount payable in installments. Moreover, Bahria Town will not ask for these remaining payments in one go at the time of transfer. This payment will be then paid by the new owner of the property.

Clause No 18: Moreover, Bahria Town will form a cell under the monitoring of Chairman and Bahria Town’s CEO for all the upcoming issues which come across from time to time.

Clause No 19: Bahria Town will itself circulate these points and agreement details to its allottees.

Clause No 20: The 35 percent additional development charges imposed by Bahria Town have been deferred until this matter is resolved after consultation process with all the stakeholders

Clause No 21: In case of any legal proceedings, any party can submit this agreement to the court for implementation.

Clause No 22: To relieve any future confusion in these matters, anyone can contact to a committee formed under the supervision of Haji Iqbal Sb. (ARY) and Advocate Saif-u-Din (Jamaat-e-Islami).

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