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DHA Bahawalpur Plot File Rates, Payment Plan, Map & Development Status

DHA Bahawalpur is Southern Punjab’s most luxurious housing project that has attracted thousands of buyers and investors. The brand name of DHA itself is a reassuring fact to have attracted unprecedented buyer appeal. DHA Bahawalpur is being developed at a prime location of Bahawalpur City with an international airport being designed at a drive of 5 minutes from the housing scheme. With the passage of time and development progress, buyers’ interest is growing in DHA Bahawalpur Plot File and other projects.

DHA Bahawalpur Plot File

DHA Bahawalpur Location

DHA Bahawalpur will be located on Southern Highway, which means that it will take you only a few minutes to travel from DHA Bahawalpur to Sheikh Rashid Airport and main city center. This location ensures that you will not have to drive hours to reach to your desired locations within the city.

DHA Bahawalpur Ground Breaking Ceremony

The groundbreaking ceremony for DHA Bahawalpur was held on September 20, 2017. In this ceremony foundation stone was laid down for development work of DHA Bahawalpur Villas. Their ceremony was attended by Brigadier Arif Rashid Kiani (The Project Director of DHA Bahawalpur) accompanied by Mr. Muhammad Sajid Hanif welcomed Lt. Gen Sher Afgan who was the Chief Guest of the Ceremony.

DHA Bahawalpur Properties

Residential plots in DHA Bahawalpur are available in sizes of 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. Town planning also included construction of luxury villas in sizes of 6, 9 and 12 Marlas. DHA Bahawalpur also offers Commercial plots that are perfect for investors and business owners. These plots are available in 4 Marla size and they are a sure shot profit-making commodity. You can use them to build shops and other commercial outlets. In DHA Bahawalpur Plot File your investment is safe and long lasting.

DHA Bahawalpur Villas

Booking was opened in February 2017 for these villas and balloting was done on 10th March 2017. 605 DHA Bahawalpur Villas were offered for booking and the breakdown against each size category is as follow:

Villa Size Number of Villas
6 Marla 323
9 Marla 161
12 Marla 121

 DHA Bahawalpur Plots Prices

Details of plots prices for different category of DHA Bahawalpur plots are given below

DHA Bahawalpur 10 Marla plot – Rs. 2,200,000

DHA Bahawalpur 1 Kanal plot – Rs. 3,800,000

DHA Bahawalpur 2 Kanal plot – Rs. 9,000,000

DHA Bahawalpur 4 Marla Commercial Plot – Rs. 15,000,000

DHA Bahawalpur Villa 6 Marla – Rs. 7,000,000

DHA Bahawalpur Villa 9 Marla – Rs. 8,500,000

DHA Bahawalpur Villa 12 Marla – Rs. 9,900,000

DHA Bahawalpur Payment Plan

DHA Bahawalpur has 2 different payment plans for residential plots and DHA Bahawalpur Villas. Residential plots are available along with 3-year payment plan while DHA Bahawalpur Villas were sold with 2-year payment plan

Property Category Down payment Installment
10 Marla Rs. 220,000 Rs. 165,000
1 Kanal Rs. 380,000 Rs. 285,000
2 Kanal Rs. 900,000 Rs. 675,000
4 Marla Commercial Rs. 1,500,000 Rs. 1,125,000
6 Marla Villa Rs. 200,000 Rs. 850,000
9 Marla Villa Rs. 300,000 Rs. 1,025,000
12 Marla Villa Rs. 400,000 Rs. 1,187,500

DHA Bahawalpur Plot File

Before you decide to buy plot file in DHA Bahawalpur, you need to understand that there are 2 kinds of plot files for sale in DHA Bahawalpur: Affidavit Plot files and Allocation Plot files. Knowing the difference between the 2 plot types is crucial to understand the investment potential of both of these plots files. DHA Bahawalpur Plot File rate is subject to change according to market conditions of Supply and Demand.

DHA Bahawalpur Askari Housing Scheme

Askari Housing is another project located in DHA Bahawalpur expected to provide supreme quality accommodation to its residents. Just like so many Askari housing schemes spread across Pakistan, the Askari of DHA Bahawalpur is divided into several phases and its first phase was launched in September 2017. The project will offer inexpensive residence to retired officers and families of Shaheed Officers.

Askari Housing of DHA Bahawalpur will extend up to 300 acres. The entire designated land has been acquired by developers and 65.23 acres of land has been designated for Phase 1. Development was launched for Phase 1 of Askari Housing on 28th September 2017 along with the launch of development on DHA Bahawalpur Villas.

Under the current plan of development, Askari 1 Housing will consist of 2 categories of houses: SU Houses and SD Houses. SU houses will measure 1.5 Kanal in size whereas SD Houses will be 15 Marla. Total 386 housing units will be constructed in Phase 1 of Askari Housing in DHA Bahawalpur. The complete breakdown of housing units is given below:

House Categories Size of House Number of Houses
SU House 1.5 Kanal (30 Marla) 115
SD House 15 Marla 246
Special House N/A 25

DHA Bahawalpur Development

After formal launch of the development process in DHA Bahawalpur, progress is being made on rapid speed to make the project livable by 2019. Different land development companies have been given the tender to complete development in various sectors of DHA Bahawalpur. This step was taken to ensure timely delivery of possession to plot file holders of DHA Bahawalpur. DHA Bahawalpur Villas are being completed at rapid speed and grey structure of several villas are now visible on site. A Model villa will be available for visits at DHA Bahawalpur in next coming months.

Main Boulevard of DHA Bahawalpur is being finished as majority portion is covered by asphalt and only small portions are left in sand form. Landscaping on Main Boulevard is also visible creating an oasis-like atmosphere in Bahawalpur desert. Construction work is also underway for water tanks (both overhead and underground) in DHA Bahawalpur. Such is the wide scope of DHA Bahawalpur Development that recently Administrator of DHA Quetta visited the site and appreciated the development speed at DHA Bahawalpur.

In January 2018, a ceremony was held to start the construction process for Main Gate. Project Manager DHA Bahawalpur Brigadier Shahid Mahmood along with Mr. Farrukh Aslam, consultant DHA Bahawalpur, attended the ceremony. During the ceremony, Project Director briefed the attendees about the fast track development of DHA Bahawalpur and vowed to make it livable by December 2018. He also declared that the access road leading into DHA Bahawalpur and Main Gate of DHA Bahawalpur will be completed in next 6 months.

If you are interested in buying a beautiful DHA Bahawalpur Villa / DHA Bahawalpur Plot File or want to invest in a lucrative plot file of DHA Bahawalpur, then contact Universal Property Network.

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