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Gwadar Master Plan Unveiling on 14th August and Its Impact on Real Estate

Gwadar Master Plan Unveiling on 14th August and Its Impact on Real Estate

Gwadar Real Estate Market has seen a boom in the last couple of years in the context of linked benefits with China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Earlier this year, it was announced that Gwadar Master Plan will be launched somewhere in August 2018. Now we are close to enter the mentioned time frame and most likely Gwadar Master Plan will be unveiled on 14th August. Even though it has not been confirmed yet by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), but 14th August date would be preferred for its symbolic perception. Why there is a need of new (revised) master plan in Gwadar and how it will impact the local real estate market is worth discussing as it has turned out to be biggest investment hub in the country.

About Gwadar Master Plan (Revised)

Gwadar has its own master plan but it has not been revised as per modern needs and contemporary standards. The city will be transformed as Smart Modern Port City so the new master plan was evident. The revised Gwadar Master Plan is being developed with the collaboration of Chinese consultants. The new Master Plan will be designed on the basis of sustainable approach for ensuring standard public amenities, modern infrastructure changes, smooth and solid transportation along with an ideal divide between residential, commercial and industrial sector. As a master planned port city Gwadar’s strategic location is quite significant for the game changer China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route.

Infrastructural Changes Expected in Gwadar Master Plan

The new Gwadar International Airport development is linked with the release of Gwadar Master Plan (revised). Moreover, major highways for trade route and railway tracks will be located in this master plan. The balance of residential, commercial and industrial divide also depends on this new master plan in waiting.

Impact of Gwadar Master Plan on Real Estate Projects

A number of private housing societies are in development phase in Gwadar and a number of investors have invested in these housing societies. The launch of Gwadar’s new master plan will pace up development work of major projects. Once this plan is out, it will not inch up property prices and development activities in Gwadar will rapidly go towards completion phase. All eyes on this revised master plan as investors are hopeful to get good returns out of their investments.

It’s Time to Invest in Gwadar Real Estate

Gwadar Real Estate market has emerged as land of opportunities for the investors and now it is the most suitable time to invest in this arena. After the said launch of Master Plan, the port city’s property market will get the biggest boost ever. Not only local investors are key players here but a noticeable number of overseas Pakistanis are also interested to invest in it and a few have done it already. This is high time to take full advantage of the available options in Gwadar Real Estate.

To invest in housing projects of Gwadar, please contact our realtors. For more details and updates of real estate, stay connected with Universal Property Network (UPN).

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