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Is Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 Launching?

Is Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 Launching?

Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 is one of the most awaited projects in the real estate sector of Pakistan. The launch of this society is the part of property news for a long time now. Even, many times, you may come across the fake launch dates of BTK2. But these rumors are now turning into reality as this project is launching soon. Yes, after getting enormous success in Bahria Town Karachi, its developers are all set to launch BTK2.


Bahria Town Karachi 2 is an upcoming housing project set for development on Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway. Designed to provide people with incredible living opportunities, a sustainable environment, and modern facilities, this project is officially launching in a couple of weeks. The investment perspectives are also high as this project will bring life-changing property investment options to maximize your capital.

With its attractive features and sustainable development, this project will surprise everyone. This housing venture is planned to offer a modern community lifestyle, state-of-the-art infrastructure, architecture, the latest amenities, and global standards of security same as BTK 1. Investment in this project will bring numerous benefits for both buyers and investors. Once developed, this project will indeed create history in the real estate sector.

About Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2

Bahria Town Private Limited is all set to advance the property sector of Karachi by launching the grand Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2. Like BTK 1, it will be a complete city within the city. Planned smartly, it will even have upgraded development. This society will be developed with the “all inside the boundary” concept. Here you will find Residential Zone, Commercial Zone, Industrial Zone, Institutional Zone Healthcare Zone, and much more.

BTK 2 is the best real estate project where elevated living and investment opportunities are waiting for you. Located ideally, far from the hustle and bustle of Karachi’s City Life, it’s a place to live a comfortable lifestyle. It’s another masterpiece designed to meet the increasing needs of facilitated property with affordability.

Bahria Town Karachi 2 Master Plan

Aiming to be the largest housing society (most probably) bigger than BTK 1, Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 master plan is developed exceptionally. Spreading over huge land, it will be a complete city with all the facilities and attractions. A peaceful environment, modern infrastructure, latest-day amenities, and worth of property is the true description of this project. The properties for sale in this venture would not only be residential but also commercial and industrial. This society will be properly developed with different zones where you will be able to invest as per your requirements. Once the details are disclosed, it will surprise everyone with its outstanding planning and top-class development.

Residential Zone

This zone of Bahria Town Karachi 2 will feature the best residential properties for sale. Residential Zone will offer all the top-class options that come under it such as:

  • Plots
  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Houses

Most importantly, all of these properties will come with the latest-day amenities. Buying especially residing there would be like enjoying the womb of luxuries.

Commercial Zone

Another main feature of the Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 master plan is the development of a commercial zone. It will be a properly designed place where people find and meet their all commercial, i.e., shopping needs. BTK 2 commercials will include grocery setups, small and big markets, malls, restaurants, salons, tailors, construction and real estate, brand outlets, and many more. The properties of this project are:

  • Plots
  • Shops
  • Plazas
  • Offices

Institutional Zone

It is one of the most significant features of Bahria Town Phase 2. This institutional zone will have all the top-standard institutes developed in one place. You will see the development of high-standard educational and teaching institutes there. Most probably, international-level universities will open their campuses in BTK 2.

Industrial Zone

It is the top most attractive development in Bahria Town Karachi. The industrial zone will be a place where people will see big industries. This zone is specially designed to promote the industries of Pakistan. Big to biggest sizes of industries will get operational there. Starting from manufacturing, and assembling to packing, all the work will be done inside BTK industrial zone. There will be wholesale markets as well.  This development will not only bring more employment opportunities but also impact positively the economy of Pakistan. Hopefully, it will also attract international industries and investors.

Summing up all these master plan details, we conclude that it will be surprisingly heart-winning. It is created by the world’s best architects and engineers, you will surely get amazed by their work.

Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 Location

Location always matters a lot. A good location for any housing project set its value among buyers. This Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 location is ideal as it is developing at the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway. The distance of Phase 2 from the location of Bahria Town Karachi Phase 1 is 34 to 36 KM. When traveling to BTK 2 from Bahria Town Phase 1, it comes after DHA at a distance of around 5 KM. The biggest front of this society is visible on M9 Super Highway. The property demands are already high there as the M9 motorway is an emerging real estate destination in the city of lights.

Most importantly, this place is easily accessible from all the major areas of Karachi. This area is well-connected through different roads and highways. Soon, the development of the Malir Expressway will further boost its worth.

Many well-known housing societies are located nearby such as ASF, DHA, Bin Ahsan Green City, Commander City, and more. Also, you will see the development of several educational, and health institutes at a short distance.  Overall, the location of BTK 2 is outstanding. You will surely enjoy a peaceful lifestyle and profitable investment returns there.

 Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 Launch Date

Undoubtedly, Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 launching date is one of the most searched queries these days. Everyone especially property investors and buyers is anxiously waiting for its official launch. There are several rumors and news about the launch of this project. But, as per our sources, this society is going to launch officially within a couple of weeks. Some real estate experts also claim that it is launching on 17th December 2022. However, it is yet to be confirmed officially.

Bahria Town Karachi 2 Development Updates

Bahria Town never fails to impress its clients with speedy project development. The similar they are doing in BTK 2. The development work of Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 is already started even the work is progressing at the fastest pace. The grand entrance of this society, the beautiful Bahria Town’s gate is already completed in the grey structure and the finishing work is going on smoothly. After the entrance, you will see the magnificent development of a roundabout (same as Tauheed Square BTK 1). Also, the work on horticulture can be seen on the site. A large number of development teams, laborers, and engineers along with heavy machinery are working on the project’s site. The entire work will be completed as per the international standards of development.

Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 Payment Plan

Everyone wants to get their desired property at the best prices, especially investors who always wish to buy property on installments in Bahria Town’s projects. Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 payment plan is completely designed according to the demands of modern buyers. A society’s payment plan is the most important thing after location. Not only the prices of the properties are kept low but also booking starts from 5% only. Yes, it’s confirmed! The booking of plots in BTK 2 will starts with a 5% down payment and the remaining will be payable in a 4 – 5 years easy installments plan. Sounds impossible? Well, it’s true! Buying property on installments in Bahria Town’s project is nothing less than a blessing. And this time, the best real estate investment awaits you at Bahria Town Phase 2 Karachi. Soon, the complete details of the payment plan will be available.

Reasons to Invest in Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2

Bahria Town’s properties are always attractive. It holds a special place in the real estate sector of Pakistan. Both buyers and investors find these properties worth it. These options come with bundles of benefits that every property buyer desires to enjoy and Bahria Town understands it very well. That’s why the top developers of Asia are moving ahead with another masterpiece. They are launching Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 will surprisingly attractive features and advanced developments. Once launched, it will bring you the chance of profitable investments in Karachi’s real estate sector. However, some of the top reasons to buy a plot or any property in BTK 2 are:

All of its properties will be available on proper lease.

  • A wide range of options in residential commercial and industrial zones.
  • The launching prices are low and affordable.
  • Booking starts from 5% only
  • 4 – 5 years flexible payment plan
  • Speedy project development
  • Ideal location and peaceful environment
  • Secure and beneficial choice for property purchase
  • More employment and business opportunities
  • The impressive choice to enjoy the latest-day amenities
  • High returns on investment
  • Bahria Town Karachi’s Success
  • Soon people will start residing there

Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 is a masterpiece under making. Launching soon, it will revolutionalize the real estate sector of Pakistan with better living and investment opportunities. Planned to be the next city within the city, BTK 2 is an ideal choice for the safe and beneficial sale/purchase of the property. Living there would be full of luxuries and comforts. At the same time, your investment will grow high and return you well, even more than your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions about BTK 2:

What is the location of Bahria Town Karachi 2?

Bahria Town Karachi 2 location is the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway. The distance of Phase 2 from Bahria Town Karachi Phase 1 is around 34 to 36 KM. When traveling to BTK 2 from Bahria Town Phase 1, it comes after DHA at a distance of 5 KM.

When BTK 2 is launching?

Its official launch date is yet to be disclosed. However, market news has confirmed that it is officially launching in a couple of weeks.

Which properties are available in Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2?

The developers of Bahria Town are all ready to surprise everyone by launching some of the unique properties and projects in Pakistan. This society will feature proper residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional zones.

What do you know about Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 payment plan?

It will span over 4 – 5 years featuring monthly and quarterly installments.

Is it will be beneficial to invest in BTK Phase 2?

Yes, buying property in Bahria Town Karachi 2 will be equally good for residence and investment purposes.

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