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On-Ground Properties and Off-Ground Properties – Better Investment?

On-Ground Properties and Off-Ground Properties – Better Investment?

Are you planning to invest in real estate? Want to know about the properties that are better to invest in? Or you are confused between the on-ground properties and off-ground properties and searching for useful details? Then cheers up! As you are on the right page. There are two types of properties on-ground properties and off-ground properties. These properties include all types of developments such as plots, apartments, villas, shops, and offices.

In this latest blog, we are sharing the complete features of on-ground and off-ground properties. Also, these details will surely help you make the right and useful investment decision. Let’s begin the talk!

On-Ground Properties

These types of properties can visit physically. On-Ground properties mean that anyone can see them by visiting the site physically. These properties have a map, features good development and possession available for construction. It’s the first and the most preferred type of properties where both buyers and investors like to invest.

Off-Ground Properties

It’s the second type of properties. These are the properties that are not visible physically. Sometimes these properties are visible/comes with a map, but these are new properties. Off-Ground properties can be mature property but awaiting possession. Here it is important to add that in real estate terms, the developed properties but awaiting possession are also categorized as off-ground properties. Properties where the development work not begins or the developers working to acquire land are called off-ground properties.


The demand and value of off-ground properties are less as compared to on-ground properties. However, investors prefer buying in approved off-ground properties. Buying in off-ground properties with incomplete information of its NOC and approval is directly proportional to stuck your investment. Also, many housing societies/projects launch new deals where properties come with numbers and maps.

On the other hand, investment in on-ground properties comes with a great feeling of satisfaction. There is less chance of loss, and investment remains safe.

Our Recommendations

We always suggest buying in on-ground properties. The properties that are visible and approved. However, there are also some good off-ground properties. We recommend investment in off-ground properties when:

  • It is offered by a well-known and well-reputed developer
  • Clear land and has NOC
  • Machinery deploys, and development work begins

Which Properties Can Return You More?

Undoubtedly, the good off-ground properties can return you more. On-Ground properties are developed and available to construct or move, and their prices increase with time. However, off-ground properties take time to develop. Their prices increase when the:

  • Announcement of the map
  • Machinery arrives at the site, and development work begins
  • On the completion of infrastructural development
  • Prices increase after possession

Here we are adding the example of Bahria Town Lahore

In the last 3 – 4 years, Bahria Town has launched all the new property deals on cleared land. The payment plans span on few months and possession handover within 4 to 6 months.  So, when the payment plan is short, and development work progresses on the site, it means your property will be ready soon.

Summing up all the above details, we conclude that investment in on-ground properties is easy and secure. On the other hand, off-ground properties have more potential but doing proper research from investment is very important.

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