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Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor – Complete Details and Analysis

Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor – Complete Details and Analysis

A few days back, RDA has published a comprehensive master plan of Rawalpindi Ring Road. This ring road project is renamed as “Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor” while the whole project is defined as “Setting New Horizon for Rawalpindi City’s Development”.

The newly published, comprehensive master plan briefly defines the exact route of the upcoming highway. Also, the number of interchanges and marked locations of the residential and commercial projects along this route are explained.

In this latest blog, we are sharing the latest details of Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor. This blog will feature the brief information of RRR final alignment and interchanges as well as about the economic zones developing along Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Let’s explore them one by one!

 Importance of Rawalpindi Ring Road Development

RRR is a mega-development project awaited so long; however, now it is shaping into a reality. This by-pass holds significant importance due to many reasons, but the three most important are:

The passage of huge traffic, including trucks coming from Northern and Central Punjab using G.T. Road N5, creates serious traffic issues.

Also, there is no road or by-pass in Rawalpindi, which gives direct access to Motorway and New Islamabad Airport. Therefore, all the traffic passes through the entire city and takes Kashmir Highway to reach Airport and Motorway.

As many new housing and commercial projects are developing on Chakri Road and Adyala Road, so there is a need for direct, seamless access to all these newly developing areas.

So, the development of Ring Road Rawalpindi project will divert the unnecessary traffic right at the starting point; thus, it will resolve numbers of traffic issues. Additionally, the development of different new commercial zones along its route will help in the establishment of different new businesses.

After the development of Ring Road Rawalpindi, the expansion of Rawalpindi will speed up, and people will find the newly developing areas more attractive and easily accessible. So, after the official inauguration of Ring Road Rawalpindi, we are also expecting that soon different commercial developments will begin.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Final Alignment – Complete Details


Recently, Rawalpindi Development Authority has approved the finalized draft of Rawalpindi Ring Road alignment. Zeeruk International prepares this draft in July 2020 where the work on different details about the economic zones, land, acquisition, financing and budget has been carried out properly.

Now this project will be soon officially inaugurated, hopefully, within the next couple of months.

Here check the final version of the finalized Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor recently published by RDA:


This above-given map of the project is very much important to understand exactly the areas of its developments. Also, it will help to understand more about the mega real estate development so that you can choose the best one for profitable investment.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Interchanges

RRR will start from Grand Truck Road N-5 Radio Station at Rawat and lead up to Grand Truck Road N-5 at Sanjgani. To facilitate more and more people, and to give easy access to large numbers of vehicles, this route is planned with a total of 8 interchanges. These interchanges will spread across the different areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The list of interchanges planned on Rawalpindi Ring Road route is:

N-5 Radio Station Interchange

Chakbeli Interchange

Adyala Interchange

Chakri Interchange

M-2 Murat Interchange

Airport Interchange

Hakla-D.I.Khan Interchange (CPEC Interchange)

N-5 Sangjani Interchange

Salient Features of Rawalpindi Ring Road

Motorway Standards Project

6 Lanes, 110 Meters Width, and 65.5 Kms Length

Different interchanges from Rawat to Sangjani to facilitate more and more people

Seven Economic Zones

This mega road development will be a 6-lane signal-free highway having a width of 110 meters while the length is 65.5 Kms. Also, to maintain the eco-friendliness of the project, there will be about 15,000 trees planted around the entire route.

It is not just a road network or by-pass project to control the huge traffic flow, but RRR is going to establish a whole new development area where you will find the best residential spaces and attractive commercial developments. Hence, Rawalpindi Ring Road will facilitate the twin cities and play a major part in the development of new and already operating housing/commercial projects in different areas.

The economic zones planned along the Rawalpindi Ring Road are:

 New Industrial Hubs


Fruit and Vegetable Markets

 Residential Schemes

 Farm Housing Projects

Health and Education Zones, and much more

All these economic zones will start from N-5 Radio Station Interchange and will end at N-5 Sangjani Interchange. Following are the details for these economic zones:

Logistics Hub 1

This is the first economic zone that will be located near Radio Pakistan on N-5 GT Road. This logistics hub 1 will comprise

Wholesale Vegetable and fruit market

Cattle market

Dry Port as well as Bus and Truck Terminal

Industrial Estate 1

As the name depicts, this zone will be dedicated to the establishment of new industries and will be located at Chakbeli Interchange.

This zone will be reserved for:

Industrial Hub

Ware Houses

Health Facilities (Hospitals/Clinics)

Residential Estate 1

This residential zone 1 will be reserved for Government’s housing projects and will be located at Adyala Interchange.

This zone will comprise:

Rawalpindi Development Authority’s Housing Scheme

Farm Houses

Mixed-Use Residential Estate 2

This mixed-used residential zone 2 will be located opposite to Residential Estate 1 and in the proximity of Rudn Enclave. This zone will have:

Rawalpindi Development Authority’s Housing Societies as well as Multi-Purpose Projects

Sports Complexes

Recreational Zone

This zone will feature the entertainment and leisure activities and lies at Chakri Interchange close to Capital Smart City.

This recreational zone will feature

Theme Park

Entertainment Activities


This zone will be comprised of different commercial projects and will be developed right opposite to New Islamabad Airport near Airport Interchange of Rawalpindi Ring Road. This zone will include:

Business Hub

Expo Centers

Educational Zone

Eco Housing


It is one of the major developments which will play a vital role in boosting Pakistan’s economy. It will be located near Hakla-D.I Khan Interchange and will comprise industrial estate, warehouses and also the cargo terminals.

Following are the details:

Industrial Estate II

Logistic Hub II

Dry Port

Ware Houses

Truck Terminal

Connection with CPEC

All the industrial material and freight can move to and from CPEC route through this ring road as RRR will connect with CPEC at Hakla-DI Khan Interchange. This smartly planned connection is another reason for the development of new industrial zones, warehouses as well as dry ports along the RRREC.

Latest Developments

According to the latest details, GOP has approved the finalized alignment of RRR. Also, the funds have been released for land acquisition.  The planning work of RRR is complete and approved, and the development contract for construction will be soon awarded. This construction work will be cited through the tender process.  However, it is important to mention that once the development work starts, it will move on full swing as the Government has already set the deadline of completion by mid-2023.

As per the latest information, the Government of Punjab has approved the finalized alignment and funds have been released for land acquisition. Everything related to planning including ring road route, alignment, interchanges, designs as well as economic zones have already been finalized and also approved.

Inauguration Date of Rawalpindi Ring Road

Rawalpindi Development Authority is planning to hold the inauguration ceremony of this mega project in December 2020. However, the exact date is yet to be announce. Moreover, it will be a grand public event where the Prime Minister of Pakistan will be invited for the official inauguration of this project.

Investment Potential in Real Estate Projects along with RRR

There are numerous attractive investment options along Rawalpindi Ring Road. These are highly profitable investment opportunities as this road network will pass through the least developed lands of Rawalpindi where mostly are the small villages. Also, most of the land is either being used for farming or lying useless. However, many housing projects have already launched along Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor’s route where the demand and prices of the property are increasing day by day.

Most of the investors are investing in these developing housing projects while many have started purchasing large chunks of land on the Chakri Road and Adyala Road to earn a huge return. Therefore, investment in these areas is profitable where you can gain maximum returns in the next 3 to 5 years.

The prices of property in the housing societies located along RRR routes are still affordable. Even, if you are an average investor or looking to buy the best plots for sale, you will find these areas highly-attractive. Also, most of these properties are still available on bookings.

Moreover, you can read this blog to know more about the best options for real estate investments along Rawalpindi Ring Road:


Rawalpindi Ring Road is soon going to be a reality in the twin cities. RRR is now advancing from the conceptual phase to the development phase, and all the departments are working actively. The development of this project is the top priority of Pakistan’s government to revive economic activities, to develop high-standard real estate projects as well as to create new jobs and investment opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? Do invest in the best developing and upcoming real estate developments along with RRR and earn huge returns! Contact Universal Property Network for further details!



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