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Best Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi for Residence and Investment

Best Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi for Residence and Investment

Bahria Town Karachi is the jewel in the crown of Bahria Town Karachi. It is designed perfectly with excellent. This mega housing venture is spanning over a large area and features several blocks called precincts. The perfect project planning of this society has made all these precincts good and no one in the dark. But still there are some best precincts in Bahria Town Karachi holds importance for their location, development, surroundings, and rates. Further details are:

Best Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi

In this latest blog post, we will share the best precincts offering ideal 125 sq yards, 250 yards, and 500 sq yards plots for residence and investment purposes. So, without any delay, let’s explore the details:

125 Sq Yards Plots Best Precincts for Residence

Precinct 12

When it comes to buy 125 sq yards plots for residence, Ali Block Precinct 12 always remains on the top. This block is located ideally and features uncountable attractions like prime location, maximum construction and inhabitation. The prices of plots in Precinct 12 are high. However, when someone searches for the best options, no one can ignore this precinct at all.

Precinct 15

Another impressive precinct is Precinct 15. It also offers you the best plots of 125 sq yards for residence in Bahria Town Karachi. These plots are on-ground and have all the living amenities provided to the residents. The demands for residential plots and ready houses are high in Precinct 15.

Precinct 10B and 11B

Sharing with you another excellent options for 125 sq yards residential plots. These precincts are offering the ideal plots to do construction. The ready villas in these precincts and the increasing population in them surely increase the worth of plots available there. Moreover, the prices are still attractive to consider.

125 Sq Yards Best Precinct for Investment

Precinct 27

This precinct is also one of the best precincts in Bahria Town Karachi. Featuring 125 sq yards plots, Precinct 27 is well-developed. It offers reasonable prices plots. The development and the location of plots is outstanding. Moreover, the prices are ranging between 55 lacs to 65 lacs. The ROI on these plots is high.

Precinct 26A

Another good option to buy 125 sq yards plots for investment purposes is Precinct 26A. It is located close to Main Jinnah Avenue. Also, the location is near the Sports City Villas. Furthermore, the latest news of Bahria Town has confirmed the development of Bahria Town new head office in it. Buying there will surely worth it.

Precinct 23 and Precinct 24

If you desire to get low-budget plots with beneficial location and investment returns, choose Precinct 23 and Precinct 24. These precincts are well-developed, offering the chance of profitable investment in Bahria Town Karachi.

Precinct 31

This precinct is also one of the best precincts in Bahria Town Karachi with 125 sq yards plots. Offering people with the opportunity to get the best in the reasonable rates, we suggest buying in it. Your requirements for investment in Bahria Town Precinct 31 will surely fulfill with it.

250 Sq Yards Best Precincts for Residence

Precinct 1

Like no one can deny the importance of Precinct 12 for 125 sq yards plots similarly, Precinct 1 is top on the list for 250 sq yards plots. Located in the proximity of Bahria Town’s main gate, this precinct is perfectly developed. Featuring all the modern living facilities, Precinct 1 have maximum construction and inhabitation. No doubt plots prices are high but the luxuries in this precinct are unmatchable.

Precinct 6 and Precinct 8

Designed ideally close to Midway Commercials, Precinct 6 and Precinct 8 are also the ideal options for 250 sq yards plots. These plots are attractive for residence as a large number of houses are ready in the proximity. Moreover, the surroundings of these precincts are mind-blowing. It features Bahria Hills, Precinct 10A, Grand Jamia Mosque, and all the top-class facilities of this outstanding society.

Bahria Hills

This precinct is located at the top height and offers you the chance of dream residence. It is designed with a wide range of plots available at the different prices. The prices of the plots vary as per location. Bahria Hills is developed impressive and have all the living amenities available, one requires for comfortable residence.

Precinct 16

If you are still in the search of the best precincts in Bahria Town Karachi, you may go with the options available in Precinct 16. This precinct is located at the distance of only 4 – 5 KM from Main Entrance of Bahria Town. Moreover, it has Grand Jamia Mosque and Entrance of Bahria Paradise in the proximity. Also, the popular Precinct 47 is situated adjacent. The prices of 250 sq yards plots are also reasonable.

Precinct 47

It is the first precinct of Bahria Paradise located adjacent to Precinct 16. It offers affordable plots of 250 sq yards. You can confidently consider these plots for peaceful residence. This precinct is suitable in terms of location, development and especially the prices. Precinct 47 also offers a mesmerizing view of Grand Jamia Mosque.

250 Sq Yards Best Precincts for Investment

Precinct 16, Precinct 47, and Precinct 48

First of all, we suggest your investment in Precinct 16, Precinct 47 and Precinct 48, if you desire to invest in 250 sq yards. The plots prices in these precincts are low than the others offering high ROI to investors. The rates will surely go high by the next 6 – 8 months or with the increasing construction.

Precinct 32, Precinct 21, Precinct 22 and Precinct 34

All these above-mentioned precincts are thoughtfully planned. But the plots of 250 sq yards are available in reasonable prices The lowest prices of this category are available in Precinct 32, 21, 22 and 34 because there is less construction. People in search of something low-cost and at the same time, the best, can choose these precincts for investment in 250 sq yards plots. The prices of plots in these precincts are starting from 55 lacs and goes high up to 1 crore.

So, that’s all about the best precincts in Bahria Town Karachi. For further details, contact UPN!

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