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Intimation and Exemption Files Explained – LDA City Plot Files

Intimation and Exemption Files Explained – LDA City Plot Files

LDA City is currently an under-development residential project that involves public-private partnership. For interested buyers looking to invest in LDA City, there are two kinds of plot files available in the market; Exemption Files and Intimation Files. Knowing the difference between these two files is crucial is very important. We are covering here the difference between these plot files and merits of buying the files.

Exemption Files of LDA City

Exemption files of LDA City are just like allocation files issued by DHA management. It means that a specific amount of land will be allocated against these exemption files once balloting is done. These are sure shot plot files of LDA City and issued directly by the LDA. They are slightly expensive than regular intimation files and the reason is described in the explanation of intimation files.

Intimation Files of LDA City

In order to understand intimation Files, you need to understand the basic land acquiring process adopted for LDA City project. Several real estate development agencies have partnered with LDA to develop the mega residential project. These agencies include Paragon City (Pvt.) Ltd, Alpha Estate, Urban Developers and Maymar Estate.

Land acquired by these private partners is sold to investors in the form of intimation plot files. In order to make these files eligible for balloting, they must be converted into exemption files. LDA holds these conversion powers and charges a fixed amount for different plot categories. These charges are the reason why intimation files are slightly less expensive than exemption files.It takes nearly 1 to 2 months to get intimation files converted into exemption files from LDA.

Therefore, the basic difference between two plot files are the issuing body. Exemption files are issued strictly by LDA and intimation files are issued by private developers who have partnered with LDA. Secondly,in case of balloting of LDA City plot files, exemption files will be preferred over the intimation files. Having said that, there is no question in the legality of intimation files of LDA City or trading of these files. They are fully endorsed by LDA management and are provided against a formal legal agreement.

Plot File Prices in LDA City

Currently, there is not much difference in the plot file prices and only a marginal difference in price exists because of the conversion fee charged on intimation files

Exemption Plot Files

Plot File Price Range
5 Marla Rs. 1,525,000 – Rs. 1,580,000
10 Marla Rs. 2,300,000 – Rs. 2,350,000
1 Kanal Rs. 3,600,000 – Rs. 3,700,000


Intimation Plot Files

Plot File Price Range
5 Marla Rs. 1,500,000 – Rs. 1,540,000
10 Marla Rs. 2,350,000 – Rs. 2,400,000
1 Kanal Rs. 3,650,000 – Rs. 3,725,000


It is necessary that you always make full inquiry about a plot file before you decide to invest in LDA City. “Is it an intimation plot file or an exemption plot file?”, should be your first question when you go in the market to buy a plot file of LDA City.

Development has started in LDA City with full swing and the promised facilities of the project has already made it the hottest residential project for investment in Lahore. Low cost plot files, coupled with affordable payment plans, make LDA city a profitable residential project. Contact Universal Property Network, whether you are planning to buy an intimation plot file or an exemption plot file in LDA City.



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