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5 Areas Where You Should Not Buy a Home – Tips for Buying a Home

5 Areas Where You Should Not Buy a Home – Tips for Buying a Home

For buying a home location is considered one of the most important factors and a lot is dependent on this choice. On daily basis, we see dozens of ads of housing societies highlighting ideal location, prime location, premium location and etc. The budget for buying a home is also cross linked with the location preference so one must have to be pretty reasonable in this selection. Like these ideal or prime locations, those locations which are not suitable for owning a home also exist, but not mentioned. We feel it our responsibility to aware masses about such locations to refrain them from buying homes there. Such areas are being mentioned in the following which should be avoided to keep residency.

Recession Hit Areas

Ideally when someone buys a home, he/she should keep in mind the profit return on the time of selling it again. There are certain areas which are continuously hit by recession and won’t be able to give you a good return. The property investment in such areas always end up in loss so don’t buy a home there.

Areas having High Crime Ratio

Your home is where you feel secure and at peace of mind. The peaceful and secure environment is a perquisite for home buying. One cannot live in a community which is not safe for them and problematic in any concern. There are some areas which are on the outskirts of the city and known as high crime areas, please avoid buying a home there. You should never compromise your safety at all.

Disaster Hit Areas

The geological positions and certain elements make some areas vulnerable for natural disasters like earthquake and floods. Properties in these areas are available at economical prices but should not be purchased no matter how low the price is. These areas are neither suitable for living nor for investment.

Old Infrastructure Areas with Lesser Facilities

People now prefer to buy home in newly developed housing societies as compared to areas with old infrastructure and narrow streets. The well developed or newly developed areas are designed to cater the modern needs for living, so buyer should go for it.

Areas with Noise Pollution

Home is where you get ultimate comfort and relaxation after the hectic routine of life. There are some residential areas near airports, industries, highways and railways where noise pollution annoys you the most. Please avoid buying a home there and don’t sacrifice the peace and calmness you need.

If you want to invest your money at right place and save your time, keep the above mentioned instructions in mind.

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