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7 Facts about DHA City Karachi That Attract Buyers For Investment

7 Facts about DHA City Karachi That Attract Buyers For Investment

DHA City Karachi (DCK) with impressive town planning is shaping into a high-end living community which offers all modern facilities. Having a capacity of housing almost a million residents, this mega housing project is rapidly completing development stages (sector wise). Featuring highest standard of community living in a secure environment, it will emerge as a green and smart sub-city of Karachi. The world class amenities provided here will feature comfortable life combined with luxury. Currently, it is trending in local real estate market and we are presenting some facts about this society which attract buyers.

7 Facts about DHA City Karachi

In the following, seven prominent facts about DHA City Karachi are being highlighted which are adding more value to this project.

  • 100% Ownership on Investment

One of the biggest advantages of investing in DHA City Karachi is that it awards you full ownership with exclusive rights of possession. Investors keep this thing on top of their minds so that their investment can flourish or give reasonable profit in return.

  • Check Dams For Water Reservoirs

To make DHA City even more livable and to avoid water scarcity, DHA City Karachi will build a series of Check Dams alongside the swales. Channelizing rain water into storage tanks, it will be constructed in away to save water maximum.

  • Solar Park – Environmentally Safe Energy

The conventional energy sources are too old now as a Solar Park in DHA City Karachi is being established. It will provide environmentally safe energy to the residents.

  • Horticulture – Green & Smart City

DHA City Karachi will be a green and smart city with eco-friendly environment. Horticulture is its one of the core components and there will be green corridors all across in DHA City Karachi.

  • Security Administration

There is perfect security vigilance in DHA City Karachi which has a proper security administration team for this service. All residents and visitors data is maintained and their fool-proof security is ensured.

  • DHA Suffa University

To provide quality education in DHA City Karachi, DHA Suffa University will emerge as a world class institution to serve the purpose.

  • DOW Hospital

The medical facilities of highest standards for the residents are the top priority of DHA City Karachi and DOW Hospital proves it. Dow University Hospital is operational now in Sector 3 to provide healthcare services.

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