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Bahria Sports Villa or Bahria Paradise Villa – What To Buy?

Bahria Sports Villa or Bahria Paradise Villa – What To Buy?

Bahria Sports Villa and Bahria Paradise Villa are the most luxurious residential options in Bahria Town Karachi. With both categories of villas under-development, we are going to compare their different features, development status and current prices.

Bahria Sports Villa & Paradise Villa – Location

Bahria Sports Villas are located in Bahria Sports City and Bahria Paradise will be available in Bahria Paradise Karachi. Within greater Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Sports Villas will be part of Precinct 35 whereas Bahria Paradise Villas are planned to be part of Precinct 51. Bahria Sports Villa are 350 Sq. Yard in size and consists of 4 bedrooms. Bahria Paradise Villa will cover 500 Sq. Yard area and will have 5 bedrooms.


Bahria Sports Villa Floor Plan

Bahria Sports Villa floor plan


Bahria Paradise Villa Floor Plan

bahria paradise villa


Landmarks near Bahria Sports Villa & Bahria Paradise Villa

Bahria Sports Villas will be located right next to Rafi Cricket Stadium. With 400 ft wide Jinnah Avenue running on its one side, future residents of Bahria Sports Villas will have an easy approach to Bahria Golf Course, Dancing Fountain and Grand Jamia Mosque as well. Bahria Paradise Villas will be built very near to Central Park of Bahria Paradise Karachi. Bahria Carnival and Taj Mahal replica will be placed at a drive of few minutes from these beautiful bungalows.


Development Status of Sports Villa & Paradise Villa

Development work on Bahria Sports Villas is being carried out at rapid speed. Grey structuresof majority of Sports Villas are complete and work is being done on the interior of these bungalows. Bahria Karachi management has already completed more than dozen model homes. In case of Bahria Paradise Villas, development work is still in its initial phases. Only a few months back, development was formally launched in the project.

Prices and Own of Bahria Sports Villa & Paradise Villa

Bahria Sports Villa was launched at a booking price of Rs. 14,500,000. Bahria Paradise Villa has an original price tag of Rs. 38,500,000. Currently the own of a Bahria Sports Villa ranges between Rs. 2,500,000 to Rs. 6,000,000. On the other hand, 500 Sq. Yard Bahria Paradise Villa own is in the range of Rs. 5,000,000 and Rs. 9,000,000.

Villa Category Bahria Sports Villa Bahria Paradise Villa
Size 350 Sq. Yard 500 Sq. Yard
Bedroom 4 5
Location Precinct 35 Precinct 51
Nearby Landmark Rafi Cricket Stadium, Dancing Fountain, Grand Jamia Mosque Central Park, Taj Mahal Replica, Bahria Carnival
Development Status Nearly 60-70% Complete. Grey Structures built Initial Stages of Development
Booking Price Rs. 14,500,000 Rs. 38,500,000
Own Rs. 5,500,000 – Rs. 5,000,000 Rs. 5,000,000 – 9,000,000
Best For Short Term Investment & Early Accommodation Long Term Investment

There is no doubt that both kind of constructed bungalows are exceptional as far their design and luxuries are concerned. But if you are interested to buy any one of them for residential or investment purposes, it is highly suggested that you opt for Bahria Sports Villa. 350 Sq. Yard bungalow is ideal for a regular size family. Development is nearing completion and price is also lower as compared to Bahria Paradise Villa. So you will be able to take up accommodation in your new lavish home earlier and even at lesser price.

Even for investment purpose, Bahria Sports Villas are ideal candidate. Prices are relatively lower now as compared to Bahria Paradise Villa and they will jump up exceptionally once Rafi Cricket Stadium is completed in the vicinity of these villas.

There are many other low priced residential options available in Bahria Town Karachi. Hundreds of families have already taken up accommodation in Bahria Karachi Villas.

So if you are interested to buy Bahria Sports Villa or want to buy a Bahria Paradise Villa for long-term investment, contact Universal Property Network. We are authentic and registered dealer of Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd.



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