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Pakistan Real Estate Expectations in 2020

Pakistan Real Estate Expectations in 2020

Pakistan real estate sector is considered as one of the major investment opportunity with numerous options. Every investor especially, the one who has money in his hand and wants to make a profit with it chooses different attractive properties to invest in.

So, we can say that the property market in Pakistan is the top option to earn more. However, Pakistan’s economic and political conditions are questionable so the market has observed sudden dips as well.

That’s why it is important for an investor to discover that is making the investment in this sector for the coming year is good or not profitable.

Let’s discuss some details of the biggest property events of 2019 before giving an overview that How 2020 will turn out for the real estate sector.

Pakistan Real Estate Overview 2019

2019 has been a chaotic year, with the markets being unreliable for the better part of it.

Property Tax Amendments & Bahria Town Cases

While things were expected to be stabilizing after the first budget of PTI but unfortunately, the new property tax amendments have changed the whole game. This is because the new PTI government has brought several modifications to how property buying and selling is going to take place. Many new taxes were imposed and that creates uncertainty in the real estate sector.

One very important development in this regard has been the Amnesty Scheme. Moreover, the work to register non-filers to filers also affects the property market in Pakistan. The Budget 2019-2020 was as a whole presented for filers only.

At first, these amendments have afraid the property buyers and sellers. Even, many in this business say goodbye to it and move on! Indeed, the Supreme Court Cases of Bahria Town Karachi also plays an important part.

Many new projects were also initiated to attract investors to this sector. So, the prices of property slowly but gradually stable.

 Pakistan Real Estate Expectations in 2020

While the Pakistan real estate sector might have seen downtimes during 2019 due to the unstable political conditions of the country, the sector is expected to see a rise in investments within the New Year.

All the new taxes and property amendments are now much clear to both buyers and sellers in the country. Moreover, the cases of Bahria Town disputed land are also resolve. Indeed, Bahria Town Private Limited has recently paid their due payments.

In addition, there are several new developments underway throughout the country especially in Gwadar as well as in Peshawar. These new developments will definitely affect real estate values upon their completion.

Major Pakistan Real Estate Developments in 2020

One of the major Pakistan real estate developments is the launch of Bahria Town Peshawar. Whenever Bahria Town launches any new housing project, it greatly affects the whole real estate sector. So, with the soon launch of Bahria Town Peshawar, more investors will invest their money. There will be more investment opportunities, the construction industry will also earn well with its development as well as thousands of job opportunities will open.

So, not only the real estate sector of Peshawar but of the complete country will improve. The prices of property will increase. And developers will work to create new opportunities to attract both the local and overseas investors.

Indeed, the launch of the Master Plan in Gwadar and other major developments will also play an important part is the rise of real estate in 2020.

Overall, New Year 2020 will be a good year for the real estate of Pakistan.

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