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Villas Overview in Bahria Town Karachi

Villas Overview in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is designed impressively with highly-attractive residential plots, apartments, and villas for sale. Those looking to buy ready to live properties in Karachi can confidently choose different options available in Bahria Town Karachi. Especially, if we discuss the details of Villas in Bahria Town, then these are offering ideal investment opportunities for all.

Different sizes of villas are available in Bahria Town Karachi that is located in different precincts. The prices of these villas are different as per the development status and location.

These days, the overall prices of villas in Bahria Town Karachi are low. These ready to live properties are available at affordable rates and also offering huge investment potential.

Today, in this latest blog, we will discuss the updated details of:

Sports City Villas

Precinct 31 Villas & Precinct 27 Villas

Precinct 10A & Precinct 11 Villas

Sports City Villas in Bahria Town

These are 350 sq. yards ideally designed villas of 4 bedroom accommodations. These villas were launched four years back at the launching price of 1.45 crore. Now the same villas are available at the price of 1.40 crore to 1.75 crores.

Villas In Precinct 10 A & Precinct 11

Villas located in Precinct 10 & are designed on the land of 200 sq. yards. These are 3 Bedroom accommodation villas. In the past, these villas were available at the price range of 1.40 crore to 1.60 crores. But now the same villas will cost you around 1.05 crore to 1.30 crore. The prices are different as per the location.

Same 125 sq. yards villas of Precinct 11 are also featuring 3 Bedroom Accommodations. Further, these villas are available at the price range of 80 lacs to 1.10 crore.

Luxury Villas in Bahria Paradise

Next, the luxury villas of 500 sq. yards are located in Bahria Paradise. These villas are ideally located and are available at the price range of 2.40 crore to 2.70 crores. Moreover, the same villas are available on installments but that will cost you high.

Precinct 31 is also a great place to buy reasonable villas in 85 lacs.

So, it is highly recommended to buy these affordable villas available in Bahria Town Karachi. Currently, the prices of these villas are low and most of the properties are ready to live. Few villas are available without keys, more few are in the grey structure. Indeed, many villas with possession are also waiting for you!

We are sharing all these details with you; just to inform you that now you can buy a property of your choice at the most attractive rates.

So, what are you waiting for? Be quick and do avail of all these impressive investment opportunities in Bahria Town!

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