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Bahria Town Karachi –Revised Transfer Fees & Procedure Details BY UPN

Bahria Town Karachi –Revised Transfer Fees & Procedure Details BY UPN

Bahria Town Karachi is a well-known real estate project of the country that needs no introduction by words. It would be right to say that its excellence, success, and beauty speak with its own words. Making the investment and to enjoy the best residence in Bahria Town Karachi is the dream of everyone.

After the settlement of Bahria Town Karachi land issues on 21st March 2019, one of the most discussed things between the management and customers is the transfers. Adding more, it has also come under notice that Bahria Town Karachi has revised its transfer fees structure for almost all the residential plots, commercial property, apartments, and villas. So Here we are sharing with you the latest details of transfer fees so that you can easily buy or sell any property in Bahria Town Karachi without facing any difficulties.

 Bahria Town Karachi Revised Transfer Fees Details 2019

Category Plots Size  Transfer Fees Merger Death


Residential Plot

125 Sq. Yards 26,000 19,500 15,000
250 Sq.  Yards 57,000 42,750 28,000
500 Sq. Yards 82,000 61,500 41,000
1000 Sq. Yards 163,000 122,250 85,000
2000 Sq. Yards 280,000 210,000 150,000

Bahria Homes

125 Sq. Yards 95,000 71,250 42,000
200 Sq. Yards 125,000 93,750 63,000

Apartment Details

950  sq. ft. 54,000 40,500 35,000
2250 sq. ft. 95,000 71,250 45,000
2950 Sq. ft. 145,000 108,750 75,000


Bahria Sports City

250 Sq. Yards 42,000 31,500 22,500
500 Sq. Yards 55,000 41,250 29,000
1000 Sq. Yards 85,000 63,750 56,000
350 Sq. Yards 73,000 54,750 50,500

Bahria Golf City

500 Sq. Yards 115,000 86,250 75,000
1000 Sq. Yards 225,000 168,750 115,000
2000 Sq. Yards 305,000 228,750 150,000


Bahria Paradise

250 Sq. Yards 42,000 31,500 22,500
500 Sq. Yards 55,000 41,250 29,000
1000 Sq. Yards 85,000 63,750 56,000
500 Sq. Yards 73,000 54,750 50,500

Bahria Farm Houses

4000 Sq. Yards 410,000 305,500 200,000
6000 Sq. Yards 515,000 386,250 250,000
8000 Sq. Yards 675,000 506,250 300,000
Ali Block 125 Sq. Yards 32,000 24,000 22,000
Iqbal Villas 150 Sq. Yards 150,000 112,500 75,000
Bahria Heights 1100 sq. ft. 62,000 46,500 47,000
Bahria Heights II 1100 sq. ft. 83,000 62,250 50,500
Quaid Block 200 Sq. Yards 175,000 131,250 105,000
Precinct 1 250 Sq. Yards 75,000 56,250 50,000

Bahria Heights Shops

300 Sq. ft. 132,000 99,000 60,000
350 Sq. ft. 154,000 115,500 70,000

Bahria Hills

500 Sq. Yards 105,000 78,750 50,000
1000 Sq. Yards 195,000 146,250 95,000
2000 Sq. Yards 340,000 255,000 150,000

OLD Commercial

125 Sq. Yards 250,000 187,500 125,000
200 Sq. Yards 398,000 298,500 150,000
250 Sq. Yards 498,000 373,500 190,000
Bahria Midway Commercial 125 Sq. Yards 375,000 281,250 160,000
Jinnah Avenue Commercial 500 Sq. Yards 850,000 637,500 375,000


After informing you the latest details of Bahria Town Karachi Transfer Fees 2019, here we are sharing with you details of documents required for transfer of any property and the complete guideline for the procedure.

Documents Required for Transfer Process in Bahria Town Karachi

Original Allotment Letter

Two passport size photos of buyer

CNIC Copies of both parties (it is also needed to have original CNIC along with them)

NDC (No Demand Certificate)

A Buyer will have a Bank Receipt of Transfer Fee

Transfer Procedure of Plots and Houses in Bahria Town

Transfer Fee Bank slip of UBL at Bahria Head Office Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8

A Seller will have the Bank Receipt of any outstanding charges

Pay Order/ Demand Draft of balance amount

Transfer Papers Set (arranged by Seller through his estate agent from some Stamp Seller).

Transfer Procedure of Property In Bahria Town Karachi

First of all, a Sale Agreement is signed between Buyer & Seller in the presence of estate agents who brokered a deal, when a plot is bought. The outlines of Sale Agreement include sale price, Advance Payment details and the balance amount. And the specific date by which plot is to be transferred.

Seller applies the NDC a day or two before the transfer date in Bahria Head Office.This procedure will took 24 hours for the issuance of NDC. The exact amount of transfer fee & the details of any overdue charges against the any property in Bahria Town Karachi is Written on NDC.

NDC is applied on a simple form (available in Customer Support Center) on which property particulars like no, phase, and registration no is written.

NDC for Transfer Procedure in Bahria Town

NDC is applied by the owner at least 24 hours before Transfer

Next, Seller signs the NDC and attaches copies of his CNIC and allotment letter and submits.

Once the NDC issued it will be valid for 15 days.

It is the complete responsibility of seller to apply for the NDC on time and collect it timely before transfer date.

A seller or his real estate agent prepared a Transfer Set within a day or two before transfer date which normally costs Rs.500 to 800. And at the same time, a byer prepares a Pay Order for the balance amount just a day or two before the transfer date.

On transfer day, both the buyer and the seller reach at Bahria Head Office. Buyer will have pays the transfer fee on UBL counter while the seller will have to pays its overdue charges, if any. Next, the Token is taken from machine and then waits for their turn. At this stage both the parties and and two witnesses signs on transfer papers and finally, a Pay Order is given to the seller.

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