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Don’t Sell Your Bahria Town’s Properties at Low Prices!

Don’t Sell Your Bahria Town’s Properties at Low Prices!

From the last few months, Bahria Town Karachi was a part of discussions. This mega housing society has faced many ups and downs in the past. Even, several protests were also held against it. But as you all have heard that finally, Bahria Town Karachi has announced to delay the payments of 35% additional development charges.  In addition to this waiver of development charges, there are several announcements that are impacting positively on the property market of Bahria Town.

Different matters and issues are already resolved and things are moving toward their positive solutions. So, in simple, the market conditions of Bahria Town Karachi are now improving and soon the society will shine again like a twinkling star.

Positive Steps/Announcements By Bahria Town Karachi

Previously, Bahria Town Karachi has announced the deadline to apply for possession. This announcement was termed as “Forceful Possession.” However, now Bahria Town Karachi has extended the date to apply for possession. At the same time, society is currently not charging any penalty of 1 lac for late applications.

Moreover, they have announced to compensate for the affectees of Old BTK and Valley Block. For this purpose, the top developers are working to launch new precincts such as Precinct 61, Precinct 62, and Precinct 63. Indeed, there is some news that Bahria Town has already shifted 12000 disputed plots in these newly announced precincts.

In addition, to these new precincts, Bahria Town Karachi has also announced to soon compensate the affectees of Bahria Sports City and Bahria Paradise.

Merging and Refund Policy

Bahria Town Karachi has also announced a merging policy for all the disputed properties in the society. You can easily merge the 100% amount of your plot in a new plot of your choice. At present refund policy not available

Don’t Sell Your Properties at Bad Prices

The market conditions in Bahria Town Karachi were not so good from the last couple of months. Some wrong policies of Bahria Town have directly impacted on its properties. The prices of the property were shockingly down even lower than their launching prices. But now most of the matters are resolved. Market conditions are changing and once again investors are ready to make investments in Bahria Town Karachi.

So, it is advisable for you that you don’t sell your properties at bad prices. Be patient and at least wait for the things to get improved. Selling your property at really low prices is not a good decision. If there are really some issues or you don’t want to hold your properties anymore, especially, the disputed plots just go with the merging option.

Bahria Town Karachi is seriously looking into all these matters. We hope that soon you will find your dream profit with your patience and smart decisions.

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