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Bahria Town Karachi has Extended the Deadline for Additional Development Charges

Bahria Town Karachi has Extended the Deadline for Additional Development Charges

Bahria Town administration has recently extended the deadline for additional development charges in Bahria Town Karachi. This announcement is made for the 35% additional development charges imposed on the old booking of February 2014. However, there are numerous properties for sale in Bahria Town Karachi on which these additional charges are not applicable.

New Deadline for Additional Development Charges

According to the Bahria Town’s official Facebook account, the new deadline for additional development charges is set for 15 March 2020.

So, the updates are that Bahria Town has still not announced the cancellation or any deduction in the 35% additional development charges. These additional development charges are added to the account statement of all the old files which are payable in the equal 20 quarterly installments over a 5 years period.

New Deadline to Apply for Possession in Bahria Town Karachi

Earlier, Bahria Town had send notices to the owners of ready for possession properties to get the possession by 31ST December 2019. Furthermore, they had also announced to charge a penalty of PKR 100,000 for three months in terms of non-utilization charges. After that, they announced to handover these possessionable properties to another interested buyers.

Later, just like this deadline for additional development charges, the deadline for possession was extended to 15th January and then to January 31 2020. However, the CEO of Bahria Town Chairman Malik Riaz while using his personal twitter account has announced that the deadline for overseas members of old BTK files to apply for the possession is May 15.

In addition to all these deadlines, it is important to mention here that the process to apply for the possession is still continued in Bahria Town Head Office. There are some details that normally applying for the possession and Bahria Town is currently not charging any penalty over that.

However, there is no confirmation about the extension of deadline to apply for the possession of ready properties.

Additional Notice of Utility, Maintenance, and Possession Charges

Indeed, Bahria Town’s management had also shared an additional notice which contains the details regarding the dues applicable on the members who are required to take possession. These charges were specified under the heading of utility charges, maintenance charges and possession charges as well.

These charges are set according to the size and type of the property. The details are shared below:

Plot Size Utility Charges Possession Charges Maintenance Charges
Residential Plots
5 Marla (125 Sq. Yd) 84500 97500 1,950
5 Marla (250 Sq. Yd) 117,000 136,500 3,250
1 Kanal (500 Sq. Yd) 253,500 214,500 6,500
2 Kanal (1000 Sq. Yd) 370,500 253,500 13,000
4 Kanal  and Above 422,500 371,000
Commercial Plots
5 Marla (125 Sq. Yd) 375,500 422,500 2,000
8 Marla (200 Sq. Yd) 409,500 585,000 2,600
10 Marla (250 Sq. Yd) 513,500 747,500 3,250
1 Kanal (500 Sq. Yd) 845,000 812,500 6,500
2 Kanal 955,500 525,000 13,000
Over 2 Kanal 845,000 600,000 15,000
Bahria Homes
Old Bahria Homes 6 Marla 169,000 214,500 1,950
Old Bahria Homes 8 Marla 214,500 195,000 2,600
Iqbal Villa 6 Marla 169,000 214,500 1,950
Quaid Villa 8 Marla 214,500 286,000 2,600
Sports City Villa 350 sq. yards 273,000 422,500 4,550
Paradise 485,000 375,000 6,500
Bahria Apartments
2 Bedrooms (950 sq. ft) 110,500 227,500 1,950
3 Bedrooms (2250 sq. ft) 169,000 292,500 2,340
4 Bedrooms (2950 sq. ft) 227,500 370,500 3,250
Farm Houses
1 Acre 455,000 715,000 10,400
1.5 Acre 682,500 1,007,500 18,200
2 Acre 877,500 1,235,000 26,000
Jinnah Avenue Commercial 942, 500 1,560,000 6,500
Liberty Commercial 475,000 525,000 4,500


So, here are all the details for the new deadline for additional development charges.

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