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Right Time to Buy 250 sq. yards Plots in Bahria Town Karachi

Right Time to Buy 250 sq. yards Plots in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi, a mega housing community is spanning over a large area of land. It is designed with three sub-projects and further comprises many precincts in it. All these precincts are holding significance importance because of their ideal locations, attractions, and facilities available. But, most importantly, these precincts are featuring the highly attractive of 250 sq. yards plots or different sizes of plots.  

Basically, Bahria Town Karachi is a place where you will find residential property at different sizes, on different locations, and at different prices.

Best 250 Sq. Yards Plots in Bahria Town Karachi 

Among all the available properties in Bahria Town, the residential plots of 250 sq. yards are catching the attention of every end-user these days. Not only for residence but these 250 sq. yards plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi are ideal to make the investment for the best returns.

This is the right time to buy the affordable and fully developed plots of 250 sq. yards in Bahria Town that is available in:

Precinct 1, Precinct 4, Precinct 6, & Precinct 8

Precinct 16, Precinct 23, Precinct 30, & Precinct 32

Bahria Town Administration has very impressively planned all the precincts. All these precincts are featuring all the modern-day facilities and attractions in them.

Development Status of these Precincts

Bahria Town Karachi, as a whole an ideal place to buy the property and to start the construction of your dream homes. But there are some highly attractive precincts that are featuring the best plots for sale. All these precincts are full –developed and offering plots with possession. Indeed, Precinct 1, Precinct 4, Precinct 6, and Precinct 8 are already populated areas. The construction of many houses in these precincts can be seen on the site.

Ideal Location of 250 Sq. Yards Plots

All these precincts are ideally located in the mega housing society Bahria Town Karachi. Actually, Precinct 1 to Precinct 33, all are the part of Old BTK. This is a fully –developed area and ideally located with so many nearby attractions and facilities.

Indeed, Precinct 1, Precinct, 4, Precinct 6, Precinct 8, and Precinct 16, all are ideal in terms of locations.

Prices of 250 sq. yards Plots for Sale

The residential plots of 250 sq. yards available for sale in Precinct 1 will cost you more in comparison to other precincts. Precinct 1 is fully-developed, and the most populated area of Bahria Town.  That’s why the demand for these plots in that precinct is very high.

Here the plots of 250 sq. yards will cost you around 90 lacs to 1.05 crore. However, the prices of the same plots in other precincts are reasonable. The starting prices of these 250 sq. yards in other best precincts of Bahria Town Karachi are 32 lacs to 85 lacs. The prices of the plots are different as per the location.

So, this is definitely the right time to buy these reasonable and the best plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi!

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