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500 Sq Yards Plots in Bahria Town Karachi – An Overview

500 Sq Yards Plots in Bahria Town Karachi – An Overview

Bahria Town Karachi is designed fabulously with the attractive residential plots of different sizes. All these plots are ideal to buy and construct your Home Sweet Home and at the same time, best to make investment. But above all, it is a right place to buy the reasonable 500 sq yards plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi.

These 500 sq yards plots are very well-developed and available in the different precincts of Bahria Town especially in Old BTK.

So today, in this latest blog, we will discuss all the important details of these 500 sq yards plots ideally located at different yet the best locations.

Attractive 500 Sq Yards Plots in Old BTK Precincts

No doubt, Bahria Town Karachi as a whole an appealing place to buy property but the precincts part of Old BTK are offering the best 500 sq yards plots in it. These attractive precincts of Bahria Town Karachi with 500 sq yards plots are:

  1. Precinct 4
  2. Precinct 17
  3. Precinct 27 A
  4. Precinct 29
  5. Precinct 33

All these above-mentioned precincts of Bahria Town are featuring the best residential plots for sale in them. But the prices and the demand of these plots are different as per location, their development status, and nearby attractions.

So, let’s explore the complete details of these Precincts to get the best ideal and all latest updates of these 500 sq yards plots.

500 Sq Yards Plots in Precinct 4

This is the very first precinct of Bahria Town Karachi both location wise as well as according to the numbering of precincts. It is featuring full-developed residential plots of 500 sq yards. The possession of these plots is announced so far. Indeed, the construction of many houses can be seen on the site.

The latest prices of these 500 sq. yards plots in Precinct 4 is starting from 95 lacs to 1.50 crore.

500 Sq Yards Plots in Precinct 17

This is another appealing precinct of Bahria Town Karachi that is designed with the most-attractive 500 sq yards residential plots. All these plots are fully-developed, and available with possession. The prices of these plots are same like the plots in Precinct 4.

It is ideally located precinct facing Theme Park. It is offering these 500 sq yards plots at the price of 96 lacs to 1.45 Crore.

500 Sq Yards Plots in Precinct 27 A

500 sq yards plots for sale in Precinct 27 A are available at the best prices. The location of this precinct is ideal as it lies in the proximity of Grand Jamia Mosque. Also located close to Luxury Villas as well as Dancing Fountain, overall, it is an ideal precinct to buy property.

However, the prices of plots in this precinct are quite low. Even Bahria Town has recently launched a new deal of plots in this precinct as well. Both the developed and non-developed plots are available in Precinct 27 A.

The starting price of these 500 sq. yard plots for sale is 52 lacs to 75 lacs.

500 Sq Yards Plots in Precinct 29

Another ideal precinct to buy 500 sq. yards plots is Precinct 29. The most prominent feature of this precinct is that it is almost a completely developed precinct. Many of the houses are under-construction in Precinct 29.

500 Sq Yards Plots in Precinct 33

This is the last precinct in Old Bahria Town Karachi that is offering 500 sq yards. This precinct is facing Rafi Cricket Stadium but not a part of Bahria Sport City. 50% development of this precinct is already complete while the remaining development is progressing rapidly.

Currently, these 500 sq yards plots are available at the starting price of 35 lacs to 55 lacs.

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