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Bahria Town Karachi Development – A Complete Guide

Development in Bahria Town Karachi is rapidly completing its various stages in different precincts and projects. In some precincts of Bahria Karachi, development has been completed and possession has been handed over to plot owners. Over a 1000 families have taken up accommodation in the grand project because of swift completion of development.

Bahria Town management has not only completed development in the blocks that are located near to the main entrance but projects like Ali Block and Bahria Homes, that are located in the heart of the Bahria Karachi are also being completed at rapid speed.

Bahria Town Karachi development can be mapped through various standards but the most basic method is to view the development being carried out in various blocks (or precincts, as they are being called).

Completed Development in Bahria Karachi

There are several precincts in Bahria Town Karachi in which development has been completed and possession has been handed over. 125, 250 and 500 Sq. Yard plots are available for possession in precincts of Bahria Town Karachi where development is complete. For Investors and buyers who want to make their own homes in Bahria Karachi, all of these precincts are ideal.

List of Bahria Town Precincts With Possession

Precinct 1: Located near the main entrance of Bahria Town Karachi. Consists of 250 Sq. Yard plots, Precinct 1 has a fully functional commercial area in addition to Roots Millennium School.

Precinct 2: Development in Precinct 2 of Bahria Town Karachi is also fully complete. Consisting of 152 Sq. Yard Iqbal Villas and 200 Sq. Yard Quaid Villas, more than 1000 constructed bungalows are available for accommodation in this block.

Precinct 3,4,6 and 8: All these precincts of Bahria Town Karachi are fully developed and possession was already given to the plot file owners of these blocks in August 2017. These precincts contain 2000 Sq. Yard plots (Precinct 3), 500 Sq. Yard plots (Precinct 4) and 250 Sq. Yard plots (Precinct 6 and 8).

Ali Block: This is an ideally located block in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi. Development has been completed and possession is available on lump sum payment that includes booking price plus own. Construction on several houses has already started in Ali Block as the project promises handsome ROI in coming months especially for builders and constructors.

Precincts with almost complete development

Here is a list of precincts having almost 95% fully developed plots and only minor development work is left in them.

Precinct 14: Street number boards and streetlights are being installed

Precinct 15, 15 A & 15B: Road network and sewerage system in its last phase of completion

Precinct 16, 24, 25: Development almost complete

Precincts with 60-70% Development

Due to various reason and development challenges, these precincts are slightly less developed than regular precincts of Bahria Town Karachi

Precinct 5, 9, 11, 13, 17, 21, 22, 23

Bahria Town Karachi management is working hard to complete development in these blocks as well and convert them to fully developed in about 8-10 months.

Projects Under Development in Bahria Town Karachi

Apart from regular precincts, several theme based residential projects are also under-development in Bahria Town Karachi.

Bahria Golf City Development

Development in the amazing golf residential project of Bahria Karachi is being completed with rapid speed. A 9-Hole golf course is already complete and open in the neighborhood. Plot cuttings are finalized and road network has also reached its final stages. Possession of 2000 Sq. Yard plots is already handed over and soon possession will be handed over for 500 Sq. Yard and 1000 Sq. Yard plots.

Bahria Sports City Development

Bahria Sports City development is also in its mid stages with the precincts around the Rafi Cricket Stadiumbeing developed especially with quick speed. Development on dozens of Bahria Sports Villas, a crown jewel of Bahria Sports City, is already complete. Basic infrastructure of more than 200 Sports Villas is complete and entire development work is going to be completed within set deadline.

Bahria Paradise Karachi Development

Development in Bahria Paradise Karachi started in August of 2017. One of the biggest project within Bahria Town Karachi, development will be simultaneously completed on residential plots as well as 500 Sq. Yard Bahria Paradise Villas. Road work and installation of underground electricity system is the first item on development agenda of Bahria Karachi management with regards to Bahria Paradise.

Bahria Farm Houses

Development on lavish Bahria Farmhouses is also complete. Fully developed plots are available for sale to high-end buyers. A serene and peaceful abode awaits for you and it must be mentioned here that construction on several farmhouses is nearing completion in Bahria Town Karachi. Closely located main entrance of Bahria Town Karachi strengthens the case of these farmhouses

Commercial Projects’ Development in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is filled not only with multiple residential options but development is also in various stages of completion on commercial project of Bahria Karachi.

Midway Commercial Development

Considered the hottest commercial project of Bahria Karachi, development is complete in Midway Commercial. 125 Sq. Yard Commercial plots are available for sale and construction has already commenced on nearly 15-20 plazas. Proximity to International Theme Park, Cineplex cinema and a lavish 5 star hotel makes Midway Commercial an ideal pick for investors.

Old Commercial

Development in Old Commercial of Bahria Town Karachi is underway right now. Unlike Midway Commercial, development in old commercial started with a delay but it will be on-ground in no more than a year’s time but meanwhile the residential blocks around Old Commercial of Bahria Karachi will also start coming live. Its centralized location in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi makes a strong case to invest in Old Commercial.

Iqbal Commercial Development

Development in Iqbal Commercial is fully complete. Located near to main entrance and fully developed precinct 2 villas, road network and electricity supply are fully functional in Iqbal Commercial.

Villas & Apartments Development in Bahria Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi Development details are not complete without discussing the development status of different villas and apartmentsbeing offeredfor sale by Bahria Karachi management. Consisting of different sizes, locations and budgets, here are the development status of various residential options offered in Bahria Karachi

Iqbal Villas and Quaid Villas

Located in Precinct 2, development is fully complete for these 152 Sq. Yard Iqbal Villas and 200 Sq. Yard Quaid villas. Nearly 250 families are already living in these lavishly designed bungalows and are enjoying the daily life with help of landmarks and facilities available within Bahria Town Karachi.

Development in Bahria City Sports Villas

bahria sports city villas

Located in Precinct 35 of Bahria Town Karachi, development is going on with rapid speed on Bahria Sports Villas. A Model house is already available for investors and buyers to witness amazing vanities and features of these beautiful bungalows. 350 Sq. Yard Bahria Sports Villas are fully completed as far as the basic infrastructure is concerned. Road Network is also completing its final stages. It is safe to say that nearly 60-70% development work is complete on Bahria Sports Villas.

Development in Bahria Paradise Villas

Development Work on Bahria Paradise Villas was started in August 2017. It will take some time before a real structural skeleton becomes visible on the sight of project i.e. Precinct 51 of Bahria Karachi. Development is in its early stages for these villas and will be completed at a faster pace once the road network comes live in the project.

Development in Bahria Homes Karachi

Spread across different precincts of Bahria Town Karachi, development work stage varies according to the location of Bahria Homes. For example in Precinct 11 and 10, Bahria Homes are in last stages of their development. In Precinct 31 and 27, basic infrastructure of Bahria Homes is complete but work on interior structures is still going on.

Development in Bahria Heights Karachi

Based on a residential complex concept, Bahria Heights consists of 2 bedroom apartments. Development in Bahria Heights is also dependent on its location in Bahria Town Karachi. Block A and Block J of Bahria Heights-I and Bahria Heights-II respectively are announced by Bahria management to be completed in January 2017. Rest of the grey structures of different blocks of Bahria Heights I and Bahria Heights II are in different stages of construction. Bahria Heights III located near Bahria Paradise Karachi is still in its initial stages of development

Development Status of Bahria Apartments Karachi

bahria apartments karachi

Located next to main entrance of Bahria Town Karachi, development on Bahria Apartments is fully complete. Accommodation is taken by several families in Bahria Apartments as the possession has been handed over to the apartment owners by Bahria Karachi management.

For any further information about development status or to buy a plot/villa in Bahria Town Karachi, get in touch with Universal Property Network (UPN). We are registered and authentic dealers of Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd.



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